Nov 22, 2012
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Bill O'Reilly's Nightmare
Bill: ZZZ...Obama...
...death of traditional America...
Leave it to Beaver
Mr. Cleaver: I'll get it. 
Obama: Hello. My name is Barack Hussein Obama, and I've been re-elected president of the United States. 
Mr. Cleaver: Well, please come on in. 
Mr. Cleaver: What I can do for you, Mr. President? 
Obama: Mr. Cleaver, I am here to...DESTROY TRADITIONAL AMERICA!
Mr. Cleaver: Now, hold on there, buster! What do you mean? 
Obama: I will do things like raising the top tax rate to an America-crumbling 37%! 
Beaver: Golly mister. This is 1960! The top tax rate now is 91%!
Obama: Well, I also want an egalitarian America. CEOs making 200 times what an average worker makes is problematic. 
Mrs. Cleaver: You're describing a third-world country. Here in traditional America, CEOs make less than a tenth of that. 
Mr. Cleaver: My boss lives down the street. 
Obama: Well, I'm also going to bolster the social safety net. 
Beaver: Wasn't that all settled with the New Deal? Golly, mister, I think you're BRINGING BACK "traditional" America!
Mr. Cleaver: Why, Beaver, you're right. 
Bill: AAUUGH! Ward! June! Wally! Beaver!! Don't be fooled! It's his skin color that isn't traditional!
Nov 29, 2012
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