Oct 25, 2012
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Ruben Bolling
President Obama's "Romnesia" Comedy Showcase
You loved Obama's now-classic Romnesia routine!
"If you said you're gonna give a tax cut to the top 1%, and then at a debate you say, 'I don't know anything about a tax cut for rich folks,' YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE ROMNESIA!"
Now get all of President Obama's great comedy routines on one hilarious DVD, "President Obama's Comedy Showcase"!
Includes Such Classic Bits As...
"If you watch a debate and have a sudden impulse to take a swing at one of the participants, YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE A TAGG REFLEX!"
"If you spew budget numbers and they just don't smell right, YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE DIARRHYAN!"
"If you find that your campaign efforts are swollen with political money from dark and mysterious places...
"If you've got a Speaker of the House who claims that an effective stimulus package passed in the last term is the cause of the entire national debt, YOU JUST MIGHT HAVE A JOHN BOEHNER LASTING MORE THAN FOUR YEARS, AND YOU'RE GONNA WANT TO SEE A DOCTOR!"
President Obama's Comedy Showcase
Featuring the hit "Romnesia"
"Silly word games" - Mitt Romney
"Very cute" - Marco Rubio
"Quite frankly, silly" - Kevin Madden
"Not silly word games" - Mitt Romney
Nov 1, 2012
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