Sep 10, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Superhero With Omnipotent Powers!
This Week "A Necessary Invention"
God-Man gets an urgent call of distress! 
God-Man: Kitten caught in tree!
But when he arrives...
Science-Hero: You're too late, God-Man!
Science-Hero: I, SCIENCE-HERO, lured it down with a simple can of tuna! 
God-Man: Another emergency! Must go!
Man: God-Man! The bank was just robbed!
God-Man: Any clues? 
Science-Man: Ha! I already solved the case, using DNA analysis!
God-Man: Disease outbreak! 
Got to go help!
Science-Man: Nice try, God-Man! But I already developed a vaccine!
Face it! You're not NECESSARY anymore!
Science-Man: Ah, the triumph of science! Here come my adoring fans rushing to thank me! 
Stand aside, fogey. 
Woman: Hooray! God-Man caused Science-Hero to create a vaccine that saved us!
Man: And thanks for creating the universe!
Science-Hero: No! He...oh, curses!
The End
Sep 24, 2010
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