Oct 3, 2009
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Stone Soup by Jan Eliot
Joan: We're going from WHINERY to WINERY for my birthday. 
Man: How nice. What other wineries have you visited? 
Joan: VISITED?! I LIVE in a whinery!
Man: I see...what's your specialty? 
Joan: THAT'S a great way to put it. I think our most POPULAR whines are...
Joan: "I'm NOT tired!!" "I don'WANNA!" "MamamamamamamamaMAMA!!"
and the EVER popular - 
Man: That's a very complex selection. 
Joan: It's evolved over time. 
Val: Wait 'til you get..."EVERYBODY has a celll phhonnne!!"
Gramma Evie: That's a slightly more MATURE grape, I mean gripe...
Oct 5, 2009
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