Dec 16, 2013
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24 christmas eve
dad: kids, this year instead of cookies, we're leaving santa a big bowl of venison chili!
kids: yay!

25 christmas day
santa: mmm, what's in this stuff?

26 a nutcracker kwanzaa carol
tim: hey johnny cochran, the mouse king stole my umoja.
cochran: i'll get your umoja back, tiny tim!

27 sweater flashback trauma clinic.
man: tiny angular reindeer - they're everywhere.
woman: have some chili.

post-millenium apocalyptic cult expo. sign up for cult of your choice! in event of an apoc-alypse, this may be moved to the next millennium.
larry's neato cult
cargo pants cult
big bang cult
little whimper cult
tasty snacks cult
anime cult

january 1 new year's day commence misdating checks.
old lady: whoops! oh, dear! not again! bad old me! ah,
Dec 23, 2013
Small u 201701251614

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