Michael Ramirez for June 05, 2019


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  1. Agent gates130516four
    Rad-ish. Premium Member 5 months ago

    The Greatest Generation fought the Nazis and fascists.

    Their idiot grandchildren put them into office.

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  2. Ff5b6ca9 b623 40fc 9696 e97e88ae92d2
    MG  5 months ago

    The Greatest Generation putting their lives on the line so that 75 years later a bottom-feeding cartoon artist can freely beatify a boned-spurred con man coward and ridicule newer generations trying to live on the table scraps of an American Dream sold to the UtraRich… A newer generation to whom Capitalism treats like dirt is beginning to wise up to who is screwing whom… A newer generation beginning to wise up to a corrupt capitalist government in the pockets of the 1%. I challenge you Ramirez to draw that.

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  3. Durak
    Durak Premium Member 5 months ago

    You just had to go to far, Ramirez.

    A snip here, a snip there, a bit of a trim and presto! The ignorant, hateful, backwards portion of the comic is gone and all we have left is the tribute to the sacrifice of men better than we will ever be. Which is what this should be all about.

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  4. 1471171 10151698535381044 1778044294 n edited 3
    Stephen Runnels Premium Member 5 months ago

    Ramirez! Just for giggles, look in the mirror and tell us what you see.

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  5. 20181215 111304 2 1 kindlephoto 135761670
    rbmumsie  5 months ago

    I think this is a bit harsh. This generation has many intelligent, thoughtful people. Most have never been placed in such a brutal, nightmarish situation where incredible courage was required. But, I do understand what Ramirez is trying to say.

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  6. Missing large
    tomtommactom  5 months ago

    Isn’t Trump the one that just had the USS John McCain moved because seeing it hurt the draft dodgers feelings? There are plenty of brave people of all generations, many are fighting wars right now that were started by old guys that never served.

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  7. Tf 117
    RAGs  5 months ago

    As usual, Ramirez shows his lack of knowledge. (Among other things, on D-Day they used lcm’s, not lcvp’s)

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  8. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  5 months ago

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  9. Missing large
    Judge Magney  5 months ago

    There certainly are people out there who conform to the stereotype Ramirez draws on the right, but within the “latest generation” they’re predominantly found among the confines of higher education institutions catering to privileged classes. Otherwise, the views are mostly held by middle-aged academics and academic wannabes.

    There’s a much larger clique of supersensitive snowflakes and chillies who feign high dudgeon over people that do not believe that government exists mainly to enforce social Darwinism and who reflexively howl “Socialism” over proposals to return the federal income tax to the days of Ronald Reagan or (shudder) that collectivist hero of D-Day, Dwight D. Eisenhower; to regulate powerful business interests in the mode of Theodore Roosevelt (that role model of Vladimir Lenin); to promote equity and justice along the lines proposed by Thaddeus Stevens and the Republican majority in Congress after the Civil War; and to support public education in the footsteps of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, enacted by those Jacobins and proto-Marxists who controlled the Continental Congress.

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  10. Missing large
    jefferis Premium Member 5 months ago

    What a whiner

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  11. Baryonyx
    Barry Onyx  5 months ago

    Ha Ha, good one, Mikey! Now do a panel for Boomers. Here, I’ll help;

    Draw a morbidly obese middle aged chud in a ketchup-stained MAGA hat, blocking the aisle in WalMart with his Rascal as he complains to an overworked and underpaid stocker that he overheard someone speaking Spanish near the pharmacy while waiting for his BP, cholesterol, ED, and Oxy scrips. You can label it “The Lamest Generation”.

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  12. Pat new 150
    Patjade Premium Member 5 months ago

    Odd looking Trump you have there, Mike. He’s been trying to tell everyone it’s all about him the entire trip.

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  13. Bertie in blind
    JohnCzep  5 months ago

    Yes Mikey we get it your not an American, you constantly proving that by posting c**p that undermines what our forefathers created to serve all Americans and our Democracy, you refuse to learn from our past the Social Safety Nets created are what our Democracy created to raise all boats not protection for the greedy and power sated who sell our nation out for more, more, more!

    When theres nothing left because you and the party of ignorance took blaming your mistakes on Socialism will be just deserts for your lack of insight!

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  14. Missing large
    Ragnar Premium Member 5 months ago

    I understand Mr Rodriguez’ point, but there are plenty members of the latest generation (my son included) who have volunteered for military service and who consider the snowflakes and cry bullies to be contemptible. However, the real problem is not the youngsters who say these stupid things, it is the older people in positions of power who encourage them to say and do these stupid things. It’s not the kids who are tearing down statues, covering or removing murals, or censoring speech and dialogue.

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  15. Av
    gcottay  5 months ago

    New low in both taste and truthfulness.

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  16. Pine marten3
    martens  5 months ago

    Sort of unfortunate that Ramirez can’t deal with D-Day without a smear at those today with whom he disagrees…making Ramirez the disagreeable persona contributing to this cartoon, not those who are the object of his self-righteous scorn.

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  17. Missing large
    Havel  5 months ago

    And what role did the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics play in beating Hitler?

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  18. Spock
    Spock  5 months ago

    The “greatest generation” was great because of … what? They were sent into wars, killing and being killed? Like all other citizens of all other countries? I don’t get it. And people speaking for a just society, offering the same chances to everybody instead of giving the most to born billionaires are bad and immoral – because of what? Where’s the logic in this?

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