Lisa Benson for November 27, 2012


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  1. Quill pen
    Yontrop  about 8 years ago

    Yes, morals have declined. State approved terrorism and torture for instance. There are other things under the category of “morals” that we might agree on. But if the U.S. does not recover its economic standing, you can thank eight years of Bush mismanagement, four years of Republican obstruction with the goal of making Obama a one term President, and a trivializing of American workers that started with the President elected in 1980. A “welfare state” only exists in the parallel universe you and Ms Benson seem to inhabit.

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  2. All seeing eye
    Chillbilly  about 8 years ago

    When Republicans’ cable TV bills go up 2% do they try to shut the cable company down?

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  3. Androidify 1453615949677
    Jason Allen  about 8 years ago

    I pay 7% in taxes for the cable company to supply me with internet and cable. It’s revolting. We should jump the O ship and throw his tea overboard.The majority has spoken. By all means, write a declaration of independence and secede from the union.

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  4. Images
    Mickey 13 Premium Member about 8 years ago

    What I would like to know is when Obama is going to quit campaigning and govern? He won the election, now sit down face to face with the republicans and hash this out. Everybody knows the media releases of what they will or won’t go for, now sit down and work it out! Obama’s legacy is going to end up that he campaigned from 2006 until 2016. All these stupid meetings with CEO’s and going on the road are photo ops. The CEO’s like Jeff Immelt and the Pepsi lady are staunch democratic supporters. Get face to face with the republicans and quit wasting time! I would like to hear a detailed proposal from both sides of this argument to know what the real proposals are. All we hear is rhetoric about I won’t do this or that, but not what they propose as a PACKAGE. They wonder why business and “regular people” are so reticent to spend and plan, that’s why. Nobody knows anything except sound bytes and partisan dialog that is non specific.

    Sit down and talk, discuss, compare, argue, compromise, resolve and implement. That was always the general process we followed in business to get something done.

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  5. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  about 8 years ago

    If you want to secede from the Union because of state sales tax… well, then, what can I say but “please go with all haste”?

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  6. Cheryl 149 3
    Justice22  about 8 years ago

    Wall Street Jpurnal (months back); 96% of all outsourced businesses pay no US taxes.

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  7. Missing large
    rini1946  about 8 years ago

    there is nothing to worry about the lawmakers are rich and will not raise taxes. Because if they worrried about the rich they would of done it 4 years ago when they were all demos. And if they cared about the budget they would have taken a pay and benefit cut.

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  8. Missing large
    joe vignone  about 8 years ago

    Most of the welfare goes to the richest 1% in the form of tax breaks, subsidies and loopholes. Exxon gets money from us to explore for oil, ADM gets money not to grow crops, GE gets money for shipping jobs overseas. See how it works? And then they tell us we need to become more austere in helping out the less fortunate among us.

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  9. Cb1
    CasualBrowser  about 8 years ago

    “…a millionaire = Gross Income of $250,000”-“millionaire – n a person whose assets are worth at least a million of the standard monetary units of his country”-Please note that “millionaire” has nothing to do with income.

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  10. Missing large
    ARodney  about 8 years ago

    What a dumb cartoon. The “small businesses” that the Democrats are after are Wall Street firms, not stores (who don’t make over $250,000 after expenses on a Schedule C).

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  11. Cheryl 149 3
    Justice22  about 8 years ago

    IF you pay 7% tax on your cable, then it is a state tax as I pay a total of 1% fed and state.

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  12. Joe the bugatti mulhouse clipped
    Call me Ishmael  about 8 years ago

    Perhaps it is. They DO have a conservative govt…

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  13. Missing large
    Quipss  about 8 years ago

    I’m sure that the 2% income tax increase will cause somebody making 200 thousand per year back their bags and move to a third world country so that they can avoid the war on the rich apparently occuring in every western and to a large degree developing countries in the world. USA Federal spending is

    18% of gdp

    The average federal spending tends to be closer to

    30% of gdp

    and believe it or not income tax, corporate tax and so forth tend to be chosen over flat tax.

    Never mind that military counts for an abnormally large % of GDP, I’m sure the Nuclear warheads and naval destroyers will have practical use

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  14. 1939 11 adventure neff
    Donaldo Premium Member about 8 years ago

    favorite rightwing delusional myth

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