Cathy Classics by Cathy Guisewite for September 14, 2021

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    legaleagle48  6 days ago

    It gets even worse, Cathy. Just wait until you catch up with Andrea!

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  2. Karin 12 10 20
    karlykru Premium Member 6 days ago

    For those of you who know how Cathy ends, please don’t ruin it for those of us who don’t know! I know I can stop reading comments … I don’t want to take another break from the clan.

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  3. Profile msn
    vaughnrl2003 Premium Member 6 days ago

    Is that a biological clock alarm I just heard going off? Maybe it was just the hoot of the guilt train pulling into the station.

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    this is summerdog  6 days ago

    Charlene is living the good life with your ex, Cathy!

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    Northgalus2002  6 days ago

    My Grandnephew, Peter Eugene, turned three years old on 09/11 this year and next 05/01 his little sister, Lila Louise, will be turning one year old. They really do grow old fast. Fortunately, kids are more resilient than grownups tend to think. And, one day, they’ll be hearing about Covid in history class.

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  6. Cathyfacepalm
    lightenup Premium Member 6 days ago

    Hahaha, got me! So it’s been about 4 years. Wow, Cathy, you really need to get a grip on life. I lose track of time, but I sure would know that it’s been years since I saw someone and there’s no way they’d still have a little baby. Well, maybe Charlene can use the outfit for the second baby, but usually outfits are not a great gift, no matter how cute they are. Babies grow so fast.

    Hello Cathy friends! Happy Tuesday! Have a great day, all!

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  7. P1663 06201226810
    hendelca Premium Member 5 days ago

    My advice to new parents is now ’Don’t blink or you will find them teenagers when you open your eyes.

    The older I get the faster time goes by. I hope you get to enjoy the day.

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  8. Srt viper blue 2
    rgcviper  5 days ago

    Yup—time flies when you’re having fun. Or something like that.

    HI, MOM. Hello, “Cathy” Clan.

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  9. Cathy aack  5 days ago

    Charlene seems to be handling everything pretty well.

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  10. Missing large
    cnhardman  2 days ago

    Doesn’t it seem odd that they were good friends, and yet Cathy wasn’t around for the birth of Charlene’s first baby? (Yes, I understand these are fictional characters. :-) )

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