Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for May 16, 2016


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  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY Premium Member over 3 years ago

    And they say Calvin doesn’t follow orders.

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  2. Comic thumb 9 3 2011 larger
    JLG Premium Member over 3 years ago

    I randomly happen to know that the original pub date for this one was May 19, 1986. So it’s appearing here just short of exactly thirty years later.

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  3. Peter gabriel orig resize
    NormyBates  over 3 years ago

    Good move, Calvin. I think you’re in trouble.

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  4. Wiley bird
    Wilde Bill  over 3 years ago

    Cue the creepy campfire stories.

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  5. Riley the smiling dog 2
    YokohamaMama  over 3 years ago

    Ah, the joys of English!

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  6. Large image
    Chad Cheetah  over 3 years ago

    Calvin and Hobbes say they’re on a scouting trip and yet they’re the only ones around.I remember reading somewhere that in the early years of the strip there were multiple scouting strips. Bill Watterson dropped it, however, due to either he thought it lacked humor or he wanted the strip to focus on Calvin and Hobbes.

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  7. Missing large
    Beleck3  over 3 years ago

    wow, 30 years. how time passess

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  8. Laynegg
    Laynegg  over 3 years ago

    30 years…“close enough for government work”

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  9. Missing large
    jessegooddoggy  over 3 years ago

    I love being in the high sierra wilderness without a tent, and if I am certain there is zero percent chance of moisture I don’t carry one. I tie my dog next to me so he doesn’t chase a bear or anything else in the night. I love the solitude of solo backpacking but all that weight puts a strain on my old arthritic body.

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  10. Large calvin
    t3st  over 3 years ago

    If there is Hobbes you need no Scoutmaster :-)

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  11. Missing large
    Bill Koenig  over 3 years ago

    The meaning of some of our words can be confusing, but it doesn’t help to use the wrong word, either. The word you needed was throw, not through. Totally different meaning and pronunciation

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  12. Img 6807  2
    JanCinLV  over 3 years ago

    Calvin’s in what, the first grade? That makes him 6, too young for cub scouts (who have a Cubmaster rather than a Scout Master). Even if he is 7 or 8, he is still too young to be a Boy Scout. The Cubs take 7 – 10 year olds, and the Scouts are 11 to 18.

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  13. Avatar
    neverenoughgold  over 3 years ago

    LeadingEdge said, about 19 hours ago@neverenoughgoldI babysat once. He is dead now…

    Oh dear! I bet you look before you sit now!

    Made me laugh so hard, I almost had to sit down… not on a baby, of course!

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  14. Me
    Number Three  over 3 years ago

    Who needs a silly old tent anyway? There’s nothing like sleeping under the stars and the sound of leaves rustling in the

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  15. Susie2
    Susie Derkins :D  over 3 years ago

    Let’s go hike for shelter.

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  16. Bill the cat
    Pthhht!  over 3 years ago

    Camping: Where supposedly sane people pay big bucks to live like the homeless.

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  17. Rankin badge   tartan 2
    jrankin1959  over 3 years ago

    No merit badge for you…

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  18. Jump
    bigcatbusiness  over 3 years ago

    Well, he did follow orders. Nobody can scold him. If he misinterpreted it, well, that’s another story. Go find a cave or something, it feels more natural.

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