Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for August 01, 2020


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  1. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  6 days ago

    It’s August

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  2. B36ec796 313a 4d0c 9850 4b1e28d066d5
    AhsokaLives (BNCSN News)  6 days ago

    BNCSN News Broadcast for August 1st, 2020


    - CraZieCouZien: The CraZie Critic For BNCSN is contemplating making a video about their apparent hatred for the character Dee Dee, be on the lookout for that! A link will likely be provided in their next comment.

    -Fortunately, over the past couple of weeks, conflict about polls has largely subsided, following the banning of users CoachJohnSays, a poller, and thetoadoftheturf, an anti-poller.

    -The BNCSN team is growing! If you have any suggestions for things we should report on, include in future broadcasts, or even would like a chance to join the team yourself, please let us know!

    -Keep an eye out for the continuation of Dumb Smarto’s Big Nate Choose Your Own Adventure!

    -GoComics user Christina is starting a Quote of the Day. I recommend you check it out!

    Comic of the Day:

    Shoutout to the best comment from yesterday:


    Welcome to new user(s):


    Any new users, please let us know for a welcome shoutout tomorrow!

    I am new to BNCSN, This is my first broadcast! if you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know! I will be broadcasting (almost) every day!

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  3. 255da52e adb1 4cab 9d56 478f2fe9a3f8
    Just Nate Premium Member 6 days ago


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  4. Lucario
    Lucario  6 days ago

    This is a chance to get the to do what you want!

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  5. Images
    Space_Owl on GoComics  6 days ago

    Good morning, afternoon, evening, night early readers! Jeez, at the start of the week they were ready to get all his stuff. Now they don’t want him to die just so they won’t live with Ted.

    Have a great day!

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  6. L9rur0cqzht21
    ARSENE AND LUCINA MAIN  6 days ago

    Dad, I got you some medicine. And if you don’t drink it, I’ll smack your face with a boot

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  7. L9rur0cqzht21
    ARSENE AND LUCINA MAIN  6 days ago

    btw I can’t do an I’m Annoying today. sry

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  8. Cul spit
    Spitsy Eustis  6 days ago

    Lol they so worried

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  9. Missing large
    MegaEthan  6 days ago

    I love big nate.

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  10. Screenshot 2020 07 29 at 9.47.43 pm
    M4kh41 (BNCSN: Drama)   6 days ago

    Hey guys I decided to try my own BNCSN, so let me know if this is bad or not. (It’s totally not gonna be as good as the other ones, though)

    Featured Comment from Yesterday: CraZieCouZien expressed his TRUE feelings for Dee Dee, and he hates her. Wonder why that got featured? I’m not sure, either.

    Drama: It has been said that the infamous CoachJohnSays was banned. I’m not sure if this is true, but if it is, someone reply and let me know. We can have a celebration about it on Sunday! Also, the polls have died down a bit, and I hope it stays that way.

    Comment of the day: Name: Ted Wright.Description: Lazy Unicorn - ARCENEMAIN.

    Strip of The Day:

    Shoutout to AhsokaLives (BNCSN News) for actually knowing what he is doing for the BNCSN, and making the official one for today! Let me know if you guys want me to do another one of these, or if I should stop because I have no idea what I’m doing. Happy Saturday!

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  11. Ned dickens
    Ned Dickens  6 days ago

    I looked up Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, she’s an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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  12. Pusheen sombero
    Pusheen Forever!  6 days ago

    Why are they even worried about his death?! Has far as I know Marty is just fine.

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  13. Pringle
    BigNatePringles  6 days ago


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  14. Screenshot 2020 07 20 at 9.30.43 pm
    SpitsyTheDoge  6 days ago

    sorry im a bit late. now instead of overprotective parents, we have overprotective children!

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  15. 832d46b3 ffb4 417d b61e 0c1a9d565b46
    Dumb Smarto  6 days ago

    Well, at least they’re concerned for your well-bbeing, Marty.

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  16. Eral3aaxkaaci6k
    Salty Byleth Main (UwU)  6 days ago

    At least they are concerned for his general wellbeing. It’s definitely a step up from the kids wanting him to die.

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  17. 513ef216 da63 4d7d 8ee9 c6d9c689e9e7
    XM_Cookie  6 days ago

    good morning early readers, stay hydrated.

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  18. Missing large
    Big NateSays  6 days ago

    Can anyone tell me the full form of BNCSN ?

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  19. Aoh14ggbxnhciah8vhsrbg00hgzawvzpojiioknci6xs
    JustinTan1  6 days ago

    the numbers are going up.

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  20. Dr cesspool
    byamrcn  6 days ago

    Love the Ginsburg comment, very funny. But I hope this Uncle Ted thing goes away…honestly I hope we never see him again. Just drags the strip down, sort of pathetic and nothing more.

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  21. Screen shot 2020 04 09 at 2.10.39 pm
    CyborgNinja  6 days ago

    how they’re trying to keep him alive, lol.

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  22. Dr cesspool
    byamrcn  6 days ago

    p.s. Just to explain for the kids who don’t get the Ginsburg line: she’s a Supreme Court justice who is 87 years old and has health problems. No one is sure how much longer she’ll be able to work (although she’s hanging in there for now). The President nominates justices and will choose her replacement. Some people want Trump to do it and others hope she stays the rest of the year and BIden wins the election so Biden can do it. They’d pick very different people and it’s a big deal so everyone is watching Ginsburg’s health very closely.

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  23. C237afa7 1d83 4c4a a73e b600afc00c4f
    CreeperBoy135  6 days ago


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  24. 401d10ef409212b616d095aa6ef382c0c3446b5br1 750 642v2 hq
    Kyojuro Rengoku  6 days ago

    This strip actually made me laugh, unlike the ones Peirce has been putting out recently. Props to Peirce for making a good strip.

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  25. Screenshot 2020 04 24 at 8.33.33 am
    Moon_Man  6 days ago

    i was right

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  26. Th1k44e930
    dwane.scoty1  6 days ago

    Ruth “Buzzy” Ginsburg can actually FEEL?

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  27. 166b59fd f164 450e ac5a c3401c1707c2
    Christina   6 days ago

    Hey everyone! Quote of the day from Ruth Bader Ginsberg (I’ll try to make these a little bit strip relevant): My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.

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  28. Large cool thing i made pixilart
    beatlesandbignate#1fan  6 days ago

    this comic only has 3 comments

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  29. 39e67913 68c4 4375 97da 7067feacf72d
    ComicFan4Life  6 days ago

    Now they’re assuring their dad is still alive. Neat

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  30. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member 6 days ago

    Ha! Got ’em both by their short-hairs, do you, Marty? Ha!! Ted was ultimately destined to be of practical use to you at some point, eh? HA!!

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  31. Missing large
    Ksandler4570  6 days ago

    LOL! this storyline is hilarious!

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  32. Missing large
    Ksandler4570  6 days ago

    This may be how RBG feels, but unlike a better judge, we won’t get a better dad to replace him.

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  33. F77d6367 b3a6 41df 9e99 e55e757aeaab
    ZuckerTheOctopus  6 days ago


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  34. Screen shot 2020 06 03 at 2.59.52 pm
    CrossDoggo™  6 days ago

    It’s my moms birthday!

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  35. Large download   2020 06 11t183713.058
    Grapey  6 days ago

    Happy August!

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  36. E496587e 2346 4477 9108 63dae0d3d3b1
    BN-C&H-P-G-ZCC-PB-TCSTHAED  5 days ago

    Ooooooh goodness. Also did u guys hear about muppets now it came out yesterday on Disney plus it was good. I recommend it

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  37. Ash greninja
    Sushi1233  5 days ago

    I guess this is one way for Marty to stay healthy…

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  38. Large shrek mouth loo 17f541930142aa6c
    wertyuiq1 (The Forever Shrek)  5 days ago

    nate either has a fake smile, or the one he uses when he wants someone to do something for him

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  39. Natearmor
    BiggerNate91  5 days ago

    With just one simple sentence, Marty converted the kids from wanting him to die so they could get his possessions to making sure he never dies ever.

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  40. Dvincent
    dv1093  5 days ago

    Belly Laugh Today! Poor Ruth.

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  41. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  5 days ago

    What if Marty actually has blood pressure problems?

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  42. Aaa85595 d724 4168 9763 2cfa1d3ba91a
    Bahadurshah  5 days ago

    Maybe they should be adopted by their mom even though they have divorced she can probably take better care of them.

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  43. 832d46b3 ffb4 417d b61e 0c1a9d565b46
    Dumb Smarto  5 days ago

    A Big Nate Choose Your Own Adventure!

    You chose B, check out the job. And just a reminder, I don’t do this on Sundays, so the deadline for votes is 6:00 am, Pacific Time, Monday.

    “Let’s see the jobs,” you say. Francis and Teddy say the same. “There are two jobs at Chewie’s Grill, the best restaurant in town if you ask me, and one job as a librarian,” the guard tells you. Francis gasps happily. “I call the librarian job!” he says and races off to find it. That leaves you and teddy to work at Chewie’s Grill.

    The guard gives you directions, and you’re at the grill in 4.9 minutes. The front of the one-story buliding features a two large, neon signs. One says “Chewie’s Grill”. The other has a picture of an overweight cat person in a chef’s hat putting a fish in a burger bun. Not a good sign with your ailurophobia. But then you smell it. “That is the best smell I have ever smelled,” you say. You and Teddy enter. “Ah, you must be the new guys!” says a voice. The fat cat from the sign. “Are you Chewie?” Teddy asks. “The one and only!” he replies. And who are you two? After a brief introduction, the chefs show you how to work the grill and other cooking tools. You start to get the hang of it when all of a sudden, a loud KREL-CROOSH! from outside the barrier shakes you. “What was that!?” someone yells. “It was a small ship that crashed outside!” replies a firefighter. Someone might be hurt. But it could just be a random autopiloted cargo ship.

    Do you A), check it out, or

    B), continue learning the grill?

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  44. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  5 days ago

    Good one.

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  45. Gocomics icon
    reedkomicks Premium Member 5 days ago


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  46. Large cool thing i made pixilart
    beatlesandbignate#1fan  5 days ago

    here’s another comics that has 2 comments

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  47. Best elegant cat
    CHBAC  5 days ago

    Poor Marty

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  48. B36ec796 313a 4d0c 9850 4b1e28d066d5
    AhsokaLives (BNCSN News)  5 days ago

    any news users, please let me know for a shoutout tomorrow!

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  49. Screen shot 2020 06 08 at 4.58.09 pm
    Typing at 85 WPM  5 days ago

    Ok This is just a new low

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  50. Screen shot 2020 06 08 at 4.58.09 pm
    Typing at 85 WPM  5 days ago

    Hi Guys It’s Me EverGen777 I just changed my name

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  51. Large f5c372ea 9006 4747 a769 94b6a2859ac4
    Godly mage defender  5 days ago

    Ooooo new month for nate great

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  52. Spitefulbreakvan
    StickFigureJudah  5 days ago

    If Marty dies theal force feed cheese burgers to uncle Ted so he can have a heart atak and die

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  53. Aoh14gjkksz3oqei9sjui5oizkpkrf cur 0 txmei9k
    Supergraylol  5 days ago

    dad should stick to it i mean he is kinda being praised

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  54. Large emojiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    TRIBE_LEGEND  5 days ago

    can we get this featured

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  55. Neptune
    Neptune_Ninja_Comics  5 days ago

    Maybe Marty should’ve told them this sooner so he can get good treatment.

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  56. Aoh14gixqcbm20 fbxcyfo1iolyrcnkv1jo bfkohkzncw
    Nothing  Premium Member 5 days ago

    Fortunately Marty will never die.

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  57. Large emojiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    TRIBE_LEGEND  5 days ago

    like I already said pls don’t be mean because I just wanted to get featured comment

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  58. S l300
    ProductiveMrChuck  5 days ago

    Guess the GoComicer returns tomorrow!

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  59. Large unknown
    Orson Krennic  5 days ago

    One person doest BNCSN and gets featured comment. Every 10 year old in the comments “Hey guys so I thought I would start a BNCSN I am doing this daily …”

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  60. Blacklivesmatter
    Bignatebaseball  5 days ago


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  61. 49g22z
    NothingToSay66  5 days ago

    Maybe Marty lied about the uncle ted thing.

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  62. B36ec796 313a 4d0c 9850 4b1e28d066d5
    AhsokaLives (BNCSN News)  5 days ago

    where’s the new strip?

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  63. Img 20191130 143123305
    Cats_Rule  5 days ago

    If they stay with uncle Ted th an it will be a nightmare

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