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  1. about 4 hours ago on Big Nate

    Whoops. My Little Baloney?

  2. about 7 hours ago on Big Nate

    It’s a story. You don’t have to think hard about it.

  3. about 7 hours ago on Big Nate

    Really? I haven’t read that book yet.

  4. about 9 hours ago on Big Nate


    The race starts the karts move while the characters are crying. A cannon shoots out a cannonball, hitting Bowser Junior, Francis’ character.

    Francis: OOF

    An unknown force hurls Francis into the wall, killing him, making Teddy and Nate scream.

  5. about 9 hours ago on Big Nate

    Sure thing!

    Francis: We’ll wait.

    Nate is about to finish the Grand Prix, until the screen freezes for some reason, cutting to static.

    Teddy: What the heck just happened?

    Nate: I don’t know, Teddy. That’s never happened before…

    The static stops and a black screen is shown for a few seconds. Then, it goes back to the main menu, but the title now reads “Mario Kart Death” instead of “Mario Kart Wii”. When Nate goes to the character selection screen, all the characters seem to be sad when they are chosen by Nate.

    Nate: Uh… did I press anything? The characters are sad and the game is now called “Mario Kart Death”! Is this a bug?

    Teddy: I don’t know, Nate. Anyways, can we play too?

    Nate: Sure.

    Francis and Teddy set up their Wii Remotes and Nun chucks. Nate selects Multiplayer mode. Francis picks Yoshi, Teddy picks Bowser, and Nate picks Mario. They start up the game, with the characters still sad and the music… creepy.

    Okay, you continue now.

  6. about 11 hours ago on Big Nate

    Yes, Dr. Edgar Zomboss.

  7. about 12 hours ago on Big Nate


    Again, there is silence between the two for a few seconds, until Nate thinks of something and decides to talk about it with Marty.

    Nate: Um… Dad? I have a question.

    Marty: Hm?

    Nate: Is…well, my mom… still out there? You know, alive?

    Marty slowly raises his eyebrows and turns away from Nate. That’s a question not even he knows. He thinks for a moment, with Nate waiting for an answer. Eventually, he turns to Nate again.

    Marty: Well, Nate… I don’t really have an answer for that one. We did lose in touch a couple years ago and haven’t heard from each other ever since. So… I don’t know.

    Nate: I see… well then, how about we go to her place and figure out if she’s still there?

    Marty: What? Nate, she’s thousands of miles away in Washington! I would like to see her too, but Nate, that’s far away… and we don’t have enough money for plane tickets, so…

    Nate: But Dad! She has superpowers! And I inherited them from her! Imagine what her reaction could be when she meets us!

    Marty: Hmm…

    Nate: Please! We- we could drive there instead, not by plane! Also, I’m too tired to be flying myself.

    Marty thinks about what Nate just said. A few minutes pass before Marty stops thinking and turns to Nate again, lightly nodding his head.

    Marty: That… doesn’t sound like a bad idea. It can be like a road trip, you know! And we could test out your powers during the trip! And as for Ellen, I’ll be telling her that we are going on a camping trip for some father-son. Sounds good?

    Nate: Yeah! Let’s go!

    They exit Nate’s room to get ready for the road trip.


  8. about 12 hours ago on Big Nate

    Well, as some of you asked through hearts, I’m changing the title of this story. Yeet.


    Nate has recently found out that he has superpowers inherited from his own mom. Shocked and speechless, he couldn’t get anything out of his mouth. He had never known much about his mom before.

    Nate: M- my- mo- mom… she h- has- super… powers…?

    Marty: Yep. And you inherited them from her too. Crazy, right?

    Still not believing her mom had superpowers, Nate puts his head into his pillow. He then comes up after a minute or two, feeling much better.

    Nate: Was… she, um, a superhero?

    Marty: Well, now that you mention it, she was one. Her superhero name was “Elite Lady.” She did everything from saving people in burning buildings, stopping bank robberies, and catching criminals, as well as evil supervillains.

    Nate: Did Ellen inherit her powers too?

    Marty: Sadly, no. There was like, a 50% chance of either of you getting superpowers. And look, you got ‘em and Ellen, well, doesn’t. Unfortunate for her.

    Both of them jump when they hear a loud, sudden cracking noise coming from the downstairs bathroom. It must’ve been Ellen.


    Marty sighs for a moment before getting up, unlocking the door, and opening it.

    Marty: I’LL BE DOWN IN A SEC!

    Ellen: OKAY!

    Marty closes the door, locks it, and goes over to Nate’s bed, sitting on it again.

    Nate: Oh.


  9. about 21 hours ago on Big Nate

    Kazoo Turkey!

  10. about 21 hours ago on Big Nate

    From spiky to a mohawk!