Aunty Acid by Ged Backland for October 17, 2019


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  1. Missing large
    jmworacle  2 months ago

    Please don’t use that four letter word again!

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  2. Missing large
    amethyst52 Premium Member 2 months ago

    The first 3 letters of diet are DIE!

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  3. Cat and ape2
    The Cat and Ape Premium Member 2 months ago

    I smothered my lettuce with barbecued brisket. Still a salad, shut up.

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  4. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  2 months ago

    Aw, gee Aunty… just when I was getting ready to wax eloquent on the benefits of a ketogenic diet!

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  5. Marvin
    Marvin Premium Member 2 months ago

    Who ‘ya pointing that huge finger at, Aunty? Bugs Bunny?

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  6. Missing large
    little.jonesy333  2 months ago

    I utilize the Multiplication Diet. We learned our multiplication in elementary school. What is 0 (zero) times any number? Zero! So eat a bowl of ice-cream with all the toppings or a huge slab of cake (bazillion calories) with a glass of water (zero calories). Zero times any number is…zero! You may now do a face plant in a box of donuts.

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  7. The stinker
    cuzinron47  about 2 months ago

    People especially don’t want to hear about the diet for people who don’t need to diet.

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  8. Missing large
    Nannette Boulais  about 2 months ago

    ’Member when iceberg was the ONLY kind of lettuce there was?!? Of course, any SANE person knows the lettuce is only the delivery method for the dressing. . .lemon, oil and vinegar, vinaigrettes . .

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  9. Airbender
    Airbender  about 2 months ago

    I’m on a see food diet. I see food and I eat it.

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  10. 6555fe78 91a4 4d6c 98ed ad873fcd4b91
    RonnieAThompson Premium Member about 2 months ago

    Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may diet.

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  11. Img 0014
    Charlie Tuba  about 2 months ago

    Kale! Kale! The gang’s all here!

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  12. Photo
    David Peters  about 2 months ago

    Vogons: stop with the poetry and preaching. Eat what you want and shut up!

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  13. Missing large
    fix-n-fly  about 2 months ago

    Roasted cabbage with salt and olive oil on it isn’t bad….

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  14. Toughcat
    bakana  about 2 months ago

    But, I Like Lettuce.

    With Lots of Blue Cheese dressing on it.

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  15. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  about 2 months ago

    The darkest, greenest leaves in a sandwich.

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  16. Missing large
    asrialfeeple  about 2 months ago

    Oh, come on! Why not lettuce have some fun?

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