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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Oct 25, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Bob's Believe It or Not! 
Strange but true facts about that stupefying enigma wrapped in a puzzle...BOB! 
In all his years of stapling, Bob has NEVER found himself emptying a box of staples!
Bob has seen EVERY EPISODE of "Suddenly Susan" even though he has never enjoyed it! 
BOB HAS NEVER: - been to Texas!
- eaten OCTOPUS!
- played CHARADES! 
Bob can crack every joint in his body...EXCEPT his wrist!
IF you were to take out Bob's SMALL INTESTINE, and stretch it out to its full length...Bob would quickly die. 
Bob's checking account once came out to $4,300.00 EXACTLY. 
Statisticians say the odds of this are VERY REMOTE!
Bob: ! 
Although he'll deny it. BOB continues his CHILDHOOD HABIT of IMAGINING HIMSELF TO BE BATMAN!
Nov 1, 2013
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