Oct 31, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Chagrin Falls "Fixing A Site" 
Man: Hey, the Obamacare website is working perfectly now! 
Woman: Who did they get to fix it? 
Man: I don't know, but they did a great job. It's super fast, and easy to use! 
Man: Let's see...number of family members...Wow, it's all already filled in for me! Birth dates and everything! 
Man: This is weird. It's not letting me enter you as a non-smoker! You haven't had a cigarette in years! 
Man: How did the site know to factor in my you-know-what-intimate-time prescription?! 
Woman: And what does it mean...I'm going to be on antidepressants next year? 
Man: Hmmm...What if I had a higher deductible...GOSH! The answer just showed up on the screen!
Woman: And...a reminder to change my employment status in 8 months? 
Man: Well, we're done! Easy! They must have been desperate to find someone really great at handling huge amounts of data. Because whoever they got NAILED IT!
Drone: THANK YOU. 
Man: Credit where credit is due. 
Woman: about a clue about what's going to happen next year? 
The End
Nov 7, 2013
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