Jul 26, 2012
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Presents: News of the Times
Political Roundup 2032
We start our review of the political issues of the year 2032 with the 22nd emergency extension of the Bush tax cuts, agreed upon by lawmakers at the underwater domed capitol. 
The Supreme Court ruled it is constitutional to restrict all abortion procedures to a central location, even though many patients would have to drive through the now lawless zone in the heat-plains of the midwest. 
Welcome to MINNESOTA
The controversy over prayer in school raged on, as Oklahomans, evacuated from their now uninhabitable state, clashed with their new Oregon neighbors. 
Oklahoma kids need prayer in Oregon
God In School
There was a respite in the controversy over the law limiting the size of soda servings, as corn and sugar crops no longer exist. 
Will our rival China get the upper hand on drilling rights for carbon-based fossil fuels in the newly temperate Antarctican pine forests? 
But the story of the year: divers found evidence corroborating 44th President Barack Obama's birth certificate in the sumberged city of Honolulu. 
On the lighter side, a bunch of nutcases tried to get some legislative action to prevent "global warming"! 
Global Warming is Real
You are literally killing our planet!
Please! For God's sake Lower Carbon emissions
Ha, ha! Don't these tree-huggers realize we have REAL ISSUES to deal with?!
Aug 2, 2012
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