Jul 27, 2012
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Long ago, in an age before the movie, 23 figures were forged in the fires of the Playtime Hobby Co. in Dayton, Ohio. For years they fell into disuse, forgotten on the shelves of children and fat bearded adults. And then a lone warrior knew he must assemble the full set. 
Bob, the Lord of the Lord of the Rings Figures
Part 1: The Challenge
And so he ventured to the farthest reaches of eBay in his heroic quest. 
Bob: My soul is stirred. 
I must collect them all. 
Bob entered a valiant bid for the Gimli figure, in box. 
Bob: $25.00. 
I have spoken. 
And days later did it arrive via priority mail. 
Bob: And so it begins...
Weeks passed. Figures were purchased. And then a noble bid on a Strider figure was rebuffed by a rival! 
Bob: A $45.09 bid! 
From Gremliche the Anal Retentive! 
A gaping hole, an abyss as black as bottomless evil, gripped Bob's mind. 
Bob steeled himself for battle! He was hearty of soul and clear of mind!
Bob: $51.00! 
I dare not fail!
But Gremliche would not relent, and did defeat Bob! 
Bob: For how long must I be punished for not collecting them all when they were released in 1988?!
Part 2: Prophecy of the near mint
Aug 3, 2012
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