Apr 27, 2012
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medical marijuana gateway drug
it all started innocently!
patient: i have cancer, and i feel terrible!
oop: yo, dude! try this! you'll feel much better!
patient: medical marijuana?!* i don't know, doctor...
doctor: you ain't chicken, are you?
patient: not me! lemme have it!
doctor: atta way! medical marijuana is legal in this state!
next day -
patient: wow, i actually do feel better!
doctor: c'mere homes! i got something even better. a properly prescribed dose of zofran! one hit, and you'll feel almost not-horrible!
soon i was into all the stuff!
serotonin antagonists and nki receptor antagonists -- whatever i could get my hands on and that was medically indicated and legally prescribed by a caring physician!
doctor: yes, you're now taking medicines that are making your battle against a horrific disease a little more bearable! ha, ha!
and the door was opened by that first puff of...
medical marijuana
hi. i'm barack obama, g-man #11 many states have made medical marijuana legal, opening the floodgates for stories like this. will i have the feds bust patients for using it? no! but my feds will raid, prosecute, and intimidate the producers and distributors who make this drug available to desperately sick individuals. it's the least i can do to put an end to medical marijuana, gateway drug!
*a.k.a. on "the street" as: curative cannabis, prescriptive pot, pharmaceutical phatties, the treatment twist, chronic tonic, etc.
May 11, 2012
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