Apr 20, 2012
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a walmart detective story
the long adios
i was in my office belting out a memo when my boss appeared. and he wasn't wearing a walmart smiley face.
chief: here's the case i want you to investigate: a whistle-blower has presented overwhelming evidence of extensive corruption here at walmart.
hero: right, chief.
the papers sang like a canary. a vast system of bribes from walmart executives to mexican officials that endangered the environment and the mexican legal system. and very against american law. i was just the guy to get to the bottom of this. not only am i a walmart executive, i was one of the key people accused in the bribery scheme. i went straight to the top, and didn't pull any punches.
hero: did you bribe mexican government officials? no! are you lying, punk? no! i swear!
dammit, i believed myself. it didn't add up...
hero: i've got it! i denied any involvement, so the whistle-blower must be lying!
boss: what a relief! otherwise, i'd have to inform U.S. authorities!
hero: no sweat, boss.
case closed. when the collar of the crime is white, the rich get richer, and the big guys never go to the big house.
walmart de mexico
i'm a corporate investigator. I carry the cabbage. and i deliver the results my boss wants. end
May 4, 2012
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