Mar 25, 2011
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Presents: News of the Times
U.S. Bombs U.S. Schools
The U.S. military initiated a stunning campaign of broad strikes against U.S. schools, unleashing warplanes and missiles to destroy each of its public education facilities. 
Man: In this budget crisis, we can't afford books and teachers. But we can ALWAYS afford bombs and bombers. So, we do what we can. 
Thankfully, military actions are in the budget's "Mandatory Discretionary" spending bucket. 
Mandatory Spending
Bombing the bejesus out of the things
U.S. Budget Mandatory Discretionary Spending
Using war as a geopolitical fulorus to advance ideological agenda
Discretionary Spending
President: The way we show love and concern for a people is to bomb them. If we support the Afghan, Iraqi and Libyan people enough to bomb them, can't we do the same for OUR OWN CHILDREN? 
Man: We can't afford to negotiate with the teachers' union, but after a bombing, if we contract with Halliburton and Blackwater to send teachers in, the sky's the limits! 
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Apr 8, 2011
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