Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs


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  1. charlenelin1201

    charlenelin1201 said, over 2 years ago

    Report to Governor Bisby, and Bisby gets a big slice out of the deal and the Africans get nothing. Happens all the time that Africans are exploited because of corrupt offfcials.

  2. Polsixe

    Polsixe said, over 2 years ago

    Tarzan must have spent some time in Canada,eh?

  3. olddog1

    olddog1 said, over 2 years ago


    Liberation certainly changed all that.

  4. jmcx4

    jmcx4 said, over 2 years ago

    Great art! I used to do a Hitler, but I forgot how.

  5. J. G. Huckenpöhler

    J. G. Huckenpöhler said, over 2 years ago

    Looks like they’ve skipped a week again. I can’t understand why they don’t seem to be able to get it right.

  6. Katman

    Katman said, over 2 years ago

    Ho-Hum, we’ve “missed” a week and now we’re stuck with the boring, mundane fracking the landscape and political corruption scenario exploiting the citizenry to line the pockets of “elected” officials! :(> BoredGowa!! Still curious about what killed that gorilla………

  7. sydman

    sydman said, over 2 years ago

    Tarzan should stop all of this oil prospecting in his territory. Otherwise the beasts will have to do his job.

  8. Wiselad

    Wiselad said, over 2 years ago

    hopefully “missing week” was Dick setting up the machines and explosives, now instead of 22 strips till end of “oil storyline” it is 16……….. in about 6 months we will see if the “Spanish version of Tarzan” will have missing week….. right now they are just starting the “Opar storyline”

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