Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs


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  1. PatyAnn

    PatyAnn said, about 2 years ago

    good luck, smart people seem to be a dying breed. And you already have smart friends here.

  2. Polsixe

    Polsixe said, about 2 years ago

    Where did the bulldozer come from? I guess some time has passed from previous strip, they’ve mobilized the drilling crews. Wiggly lines, indeed!.

  3. Tom Hehenberger

    Tom Hehenberger said, about 2 years ago

    ahhhh…raping the environment for a few million barrels of oil…no wonder Tarzan looks so grim.

  4. Doc 1947G

    Doc 1947G GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago

    I believe they skip a week. Last saturday it was #7584 and today it is #7591.

  5. Olda

    Olda said, about 2 years ago

    Yes, I agree with Doc 1947G. There are missing strips #7585 to #7590.

  6. rdmacgregor

    rdmacgregor said, about 2 years ago

    So, on Sunday Tarzan is stopping noise pollution in the jungle and on Monday he is abetting its destruction with dynamite and bulldozers?

  7. ossiningaling

    ossiningaling said, about 2 years ago


    Maybe they left out the massacre of the local village / fauna by the invasive oil cartel? Just wondering.

  8. PatyAnn

    PatyAnn said, about 2 years ago

    And what happened with the strange animal that killed the gorilla? After all the build up we should get to know what it was. Unless its that out of no where bulldozer.

  9. jmcx4

    jmcx4 said, about 2 years ago

    They should have brough the dozer in first. From personal experience, I have found that they clear a path better than machetes.

  10. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 2 years ago

    Great so we don’t get to find out the mystery? That sucks red hot boulders.

  11. Quartermain MILLER

    Quartermain MILLER said, about 2 years ago


  12. Katman

    Katman said, about 2 years ago

    Here we go again, doesn’t any “smart” editor monitor the sequence of these comics, or are they too busy drinking scotch and smoking cigars ala Perry White?
    Mr. Saywhat? my advice to you about “Lindsay” would be to steer clear of her, unless you like self-destructive women (and I believe you do).
    Ms. PatyAnn is absolutely correct….there seems to be an explosion of stupid people on this planet in recent years, our population is going “brain dead” due to heavy reliance on technology like cell phones, texting, tweeting and the like.
    This all has, of course, sent B’wana Q deeper into the jungle seeking asylum…and grass skirted women! :)> DumbGowa!!

  13. WW2 Marine Veteran

    WW2 Marine Veteran said, about 2 years ago


    QM & Katman: I’m lost trying to keep up with this one. I must be getting too old to know what is going on.

  14. Katman

    Katman said, about 2 years ago

    @WW2 Marine Veteran

    Nah, you’re a Tarzan fan, we NEVER get too old for this, but once again the editor has jumbled the storyline getting the sequence of the strip out of order. Semper Fi gyrenne! :)> Umgowa!!

  15. Katman

    Katman said, about 2 years ago


    Fangs to you, Mr. saywhat? :)> Umgowa~!!

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