Mar 26, 2011
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Stone Soup by Jan Eliot 
Gramma Evie: Anybody have change for a ten? 
Val: What for? 
Gramma Evie: I need ten ones for poker night. 
Holly: Sheesh, Gramma. That's a lot of money! 
Gramma Evie: Don't worry...Gramma's a shark. 
Alix: Then why do you need to borrow ten bucks??
Gramma Evie: I don't need to BORROW it. I just need to put ten ones for the POT. 
Alix & Holly: GASP
Gramma Evie: Never mind. I'll stop at Jiffy Mart. 
Alix: They SELL it there?!
Gramma Evie: Please explain it to them. 
Val: It might be easier if you took up knitting.
Mar 28, 2011
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Jan Eliot (Stone Soup)


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