Jun 6, 2014
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cartoon advice to the graduates

billy, "family circus"
billy: wherever your path in life takes you, an institute of higher learning, the military, the private sector or just loitering on the swing set when you should be inside eating dinner, always leave a string of broken lines trailing behind you.

galactus, marvel comics
galactus: puny human graduates! let no one thwart your plans!! crush all who dare oppose you!! so says galactus!

silly rabbit, general mills
rabbit: choose for yourself one unattainable food group, whether it's road runners, wabbits, tweetie birds, picnic baskets, lucky charms or trix, and pursue it with all the misguided singleminded-ness you possess.

b.c., "b.c."
b.c.: you're all going to hell.
Jun 16, 2014
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