May 16, 2014
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cookie advisory
a troop of rogue girl scouts is reportedly selling non-girl-scout-sanctioned cookies in your cookie-buying area. if you have recently purchased boxes of any of the cookies pic-tured below, you are advised to dispose of them immediately.

shortbread with bits of foil. note: ignore the micro-wave recipe on box.

made with wood chips & not less than 10% monkeys.

curiously bitter; produces a pucker of malocclusive proportion.

dese 'n' dose
these fell off a truck.

fugu fugus
contains highly toxic japanese blowfish. other-wise quite tasty.

peanut butter munchs
they're edible but just way too creepy.

man: omigod, girl scouts!
woman: hide!
girl: heh heh
May 23, 2014
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