Jan 2, 2014
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what's going to happen, probably

as more people work longer & odder hours & more services become avail-able 24 hours a day, we'll see society begin to divide along the lines of temporal preference.
man 1: i'm a morning person.
man 2: i'm a night owl.

gradually, inevitably, we'll mutate into two, distinct strains of human being

the daylight people, or eloi1, will live on the surface, frolicking in sunlit glades & working your basic nine-to-five.
bowl haircuts for every-one!
healthy skin tone masks a general air-headedness.
noisy tie.
no more pants.

the night people, or morlocks2, will dwell underground in vast caverns & abandoned metro tun-nels, doing society's heavy lifting & most of the creative thinking.
big gollumy eyes.
dampish. and green.
i'll-fitting tire-salesman-style outfit.
coffee tremors.
webbed fingers.

it'll all work out surprisingly well, except when the morlocks get fed up with the elois' insistent sunny disposition and practice a little ritual cannibalism.
man 1: mornin' fred!
man 2: g'night you grinning drone-burger.
1. cf. "the time machine" by h.g. wells or the movie starring yvette mimieux in a short toga. 2 same.
Jan 9, 2014
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