Dec 13, 2013
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december calendar

6 the pushy showoffs down the street put up their annual display of too many lights.
man: damn them.

10 news teams from channel 7 and channel 4 are inadvertently scheduled to sing carols at the same mall at the same time. ugly brawl erupts. film at 11.

14 the national association of disgruntled former employees presents their xmas handbell concert.

17 eggnog revulsion clinic. please bring a recipe to share!
oop: eggnog & vodka with maple syrup. eww. sick.

20 a nutcracker hanukkah carol
tim: hey golem, the mouse king stole my dreidl.
holem: i'll get your dreidl back, tiny tim!

23 gift panic workshop with carol ubley.
carol: freebie magnetized real estate agent calendars make thoughtful last - minute panic gifts! just glue your photo over theirs!
Dec 19, 2013
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