Mar 7, 2013
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writers! need a scene to jump-start your novel/short story/screenplay? we've got 'em! hundreds of small, bleak, semi-poignant scenes that limn the dark reality of fin de siecle america. all are guaranteed to be drawn from life & packed with universal truths concerning the human condiion! just look-

house for sale
a real estate agent, over-accessorized & for-lorn, stands in the traffic island of a lonely intersection on a gloomy sunday afternoon.

bam bam bam
house for sale
with a pin she pops the balloons that deco-rate a house for sale sign, each pop loud in the chill air. her face is a mask of despair.

an elderly man steps carefully off a metro escalator. one of his rubber overshoes catches in the metal combplate and is peeled neatly from his shoe.

he watches the escalator chew his overshoe to shreds. he is filled with loss & regret.

a woman with a small chuld eats a hurried meal of fast food. lost in her thoughts she bites her tongue, hard.

two minutes later she bites it again, right in the same spot. she blurts out a curse word - a big one. shame lies heavy on her heart.

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Mar 14, 2013
Small u 201701251614

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