Dec 21, 2011
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the winter sun

this month the "sun," a flaming ball of mostly hydrogen, makes occasional & increasingly brief transits of the daytime sky. it is most often glimpsed between morning & evening drive-times, depending on visibility.
man: what was that?
woman: where?

many ancient cultures depicted the sun as a big flaming smiley face, re-garding it as the bringer of happiness & dispeller of gloom. thus seasonal changes & sunsets were frightening - what if the big happy ball did not come back? it would be the end of the world! this left people anxious, antsy & somewhat depressed, in a kind of fatalistic way.
person 1: look - it's the end of the world!
person 2: and me in this silly hat.

nowadays people know better.
lady: hey! the sun's out- oops, too late.
man 2: oh, no.
Dec 26, 2011
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