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  1. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Creeps about 11 hours ago

    Me too,

    Keep it going.

    The strange old Sarge

  2. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Gray Matters about 11 hours ago

    You think that is bad goldie?

    Try the latrines at Fort Campbell, KY, in 1970. 101st Airborne enlisted barracks. I managed to sneak into the officers section, which had doors at least, a few times.

    In the enlisted area, there must have been twenty or thirty commodes facing each other on three sides of the wall with absolutely no privacy to take care of your business. I learned to hold it. As long as I could.They did indeed stink, stank, stunk.

    I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world, however, I am headed for Bologna, Italy in a few months, I can hardly wait to observe the local customs there.

    I don’t want to insult anyone but I have heard that the pay toilets there leave a bit to be desired.

    Might be somewhat like San Francisco, the city that I love, where the homeless do their thing all over the place.

    The old still shy Sarge

  3. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Gray Matters 1 day ago

    Me too lwing.

    It seems to take forever for the blowers to do their job.

    Still see a cotton towel machine on my trips from time to time. It is great when they run out of towel surface and you have to wipe your hands on your jeans.

    The old Sarge who is apparently all wet

  4. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Flo and Friends 1 day ago

    Check this for veracity. I think that this was an internet rumor.

    I think that they do better than 27% according to the article I read. At least I hope so.

    The old Sarge who only wants ice in his Wild Turkey 101.

  5. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Fat Cats 1 day ago

    Looks like the last Washington professional football team game I went to a few years ago.

    The language, and bad behavior was enough to make me watch the game at home on TV.

    The old Sarge who has watched the team since 1959. Better then than now.

  6. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on F Minus 1 day ago

    We have been downsizing for the last few years and I wish that we would have thought of that.

    We need to get rid of a ton of stuff and have donated right and left to homeless and church groups.

    On the other hand we have been in our home for nearly forty years and the stuff creeps up on you.

    The old Sarge who hates to throw anything away but is getting over it.

  7. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Duplex 1 day ago

    After watching my grandmother wring it’s neck and kill a chicken in her back yard with an hatchet. Blood spurted all over the place and it made me uneasy. Especially when the chicken ran around headless for a moment or two.

    I couldn’t eat chicken for years after disturbing scene. However, these days “Love that chicken from Popeye’s.”

    The old Sarge who got over it.

  8. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Cul de Sac 1 day ago

    Hey! beenthere240

    Do you remember the X-ray machines in the shoe stores in the fifties?

    You could look though the viewer and see your foot/feet bones. Probably a cause of cancer or something else all of these years later.

    The old Sarge who needs an X-ray on his head apparently.