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  1. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Fat Cats 1 day ago

    Sorry Charlie, All of that Youtube stuff was way before my time. I do have a few pix and posters if you want.

    I also have a VHS tape of my band reunion after forty years.

    Just tell me how to load them onto this page. I am an analog guy lost in a digital world.

    The old Sarge who picked with some of the great and near great. (in the sixties). Kalin Twins, Ronnie Dove, Tony Orlando (way before Dawn), Curtis Lee, (Pretty Little Angel Eyes), The Belmonts without Dion, and many others. It was a great time and I met many pretty girls. ( Story for later). My dear wife of forty years knows all. Perhaps.

    I wrote a whole book about it, nearly 140,000 words. Never published of course.

    The old Sarge who is not a pub in England.
    The Old Sarge Pub looks good however, and I wouldn’t mind having a pint of Guinness in the old place. Find it on yahoo.

  2. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Fat Cats 2 days ago

    Met Link in the olden days of DC rock. Very rude and always late to open a show where I was.

    His brother Vernon, on the other hand was very nice and was a DJ on a local radio station. Every other word out of his mouth was a cuss word, but it never got out on the air.

    In those ancient days we always played “Rumble”, “Rawhide” and his other hits at the DC clubs.

    I always thought that his Danelectro guitar was very strange. Very tinny and cheap sounding. What do I know? I don’t have any hit records.

    I always played a tele or a strat in that era. Still have my 73 tele waiting for me to pick her up again and play “Rumble”.

    The old Sarge who played with a few well known artists at the time. (1959-1974).

  3. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Fat Cats 3 days ago

    Good one, Charlie,

    Dick Dale, one of the greatest surfer guitar players ever. I hope to see him again when he hits old DC. Usually about every six months at The Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria.

    The old guitar pickin Sarge himself.