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Inherit the Mirth

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  1. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Humble Stumble 8 minutes ago

    So long, and thanks for the fish.

    The old Sarge who will miss you.

  2. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Human Cull 10 minutes ago

    When I worked in a retail but very upscale lighting store just a few years back before I retired, people were amazed that I counted their change back to them correctly. It was like a lost art.

    We didn’t have a computer type register at the time, we just had to figure it out.

    Now get this! We also had the old fashioned credit card machines where you would put the credit card in and throw the bar over it making a carbon copy. You may not have seen one of these in the last thirty years.

    People were very unhappy that we were using sixties technologies in 2010.

    We didn’t even had internet access at the time, and when we finally did, we weren’t allowed to use it. We might be doing something personal on company time.

    What did I know? Owner and cheapskate is a millionaire and I just use my Social Security to pay my bills. Poor pitiful me.

    Usually, and even today the clerks just throw your change back at you. Yesterday at McDonald’s I confused a poor lady when I gave her a penny and a five and she just couldn’t figure out how to make change when the bill was $4.76.

    No more Big Macs for me for awhile, it was awful.

    The old Sarge

  3. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Scary Gary 1 day ago

    Thanks for the grammar lesson DHG. I have lived in Virginia for sixty of my seventy years "y’all and I appreciate your help.

    I just didn’t think that it was EXTREMELY IMPORTANT since my Grandmother specifically said: “You All” and called my wife a Yankee, because she was from Michigan.

    No big deal, have a great day, y’all.

    The old Southern Sarge

  4. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Beardo 1 day ago

    Did that many a time in the sixties.

    Drove a VW van with a Hammond Organ that weighted 425 lbs. plus two Leslie speakers all over the East Coast.

    Drove all the way from DC to UVA for a few bucks.

    Played the premier night clubs of old DC for $10-20 a night in the old golden days.

    At least I am still here. Many of my buddies from the same era are gone. RIP to Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton, Junior Gill and many others from the DC music scene.

    The old Sarge

  5. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Scary Gary 2 days ago

    Anti Freeze is deadly to dogs, cats and birds folks.

    Just sayin’ Ya’ll.

    The old Southern Sarge who prefers Wild Turkey 101 to keep out the cold.