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  1. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Meaning of Lila about 7 hours ago

    Not bragging but, I love my 2003 Lexus ES300. No car payments for years.

    A little brake job, tires or a belt or two, oil changes here and there. Best car I have ever owned. (Except for the 75 ’vette, my ex got in the settlement). B.

    The old Sarge who just loves cars, that he cant afford these days.

  2. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Born Loser about 7 hours ago

    My dad is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I go to see him from time to time. I hope that my daughter will do the same for me when I am gone.

    The Old Sarge

  3. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Chuckle Bros about 8 hours ago

    As well that ends well. Poorly proofed.

    The old Sarge who was listening to The Four Seasons (The Group) when he wrote the above note.

  4. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Chuckle Bros 1 day ago

    I still have many 78rpm records as well as 33 1/3 records as well.

    I have at least a half dozen 8 track tapes and well over 200 VHS tapes as well.Wife says, take this crap to the dump. I suppose I shall one of these days.

    The old Sarge who is lost in the Sixties again and again.

  5. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Other Coast 4 days ago

    Why couldn’t just send the old rhino to a old rhinos home.?

    Perhaps, in Southeast Asia, where they would eat him anyway. Along with dogs and cats and rats.

    I would rather have bacon, please.

    The old Sarge who likes the Waffle House and wishes there was one near him.

  6. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Cornered 4 days ago

    Looks like the smoking area at some airports that I have been to.

    While I prefer cigars, I can wait until I can get to my destination to pollute the air.

    The old Sarge who likes a puff (cigars not the other stuff) from time to time.

  7. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Speechless 4 days ago


    Thank you for another good deed. Last year it took three of us to get a snapping turtle from the middle of the road. They can take a finger off if you are not careful.

    People blew horns at us but we got this guy across a country road. I hope he/she made it for the long haul.

    We had so much rain a few years ago that a female snapper laid eggs in the middle of our lawn. I never saw the results but wished that I had.

    We have a lot of wildlife 20 miles south of DC. Eagles, hawks, red and grey foxes, coyotes (I love to hear them sing to me), and plenty of deer critters and others. Been here for forty years and cant imagine living anywhere else.

    I don’t hunt or fish after I returned from overseas in the early 70’s but I do let a young man bow hunt on my several acres of woodlands.

    I am indeed, the lucky Old Sarge.

  8. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Nick and Zuzu 4 days ago

    Thanks Veteran, I appreciate the congrats. Same to you and yours, along with Bill The Nuke.

    It is rare to see long term marriages in these times. I have a friend who has been married for fifty years. Wow! That’s doing something. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. BH of MD on June 23d. Bill is a retired DC cop and a decent drummer. (Story for another time).

    I know from your previous postings that you had dangerous jobs in the military and in regular police service efforts.

    Thank you for all of your many sacrifices, my 40 year old (fading now) flag will be out all weekend this week to remember those that came before us.

    The old Sarge who hasn’t had it too bad over the years.

    Like many of us, I would love to change a few things, however, life is life no matter what we want. Life gets in the way and leads us on.