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Half Full

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  1. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 4 days ago


    Sorry that you had to endure that. It must have tough for you.

    I still miss my 13 year old GSD, Ilsa, who passed four years ago.

    The only problem with dogs are that they don’t live long enough.

    I have a total of four that are buried in the back yard since 1975. One more GSD and I will have to get a pet cemetery permit my lovely wife says.

    I still love them all and have pictures all over the house of them. Good dogs with great love.

    The current GSD is four and may outlive me.

    The old dog loving Sarge. R.I.P. Ruger 77×9 US Army, RVN 1972.

  2. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on Just Say Uncle 4 days ago


    Still trying to get in touch with you.

    Met a WWII vet at church the other day. He was at Nurnberg for the trials. Also mentioned that he had CCW permit.

    How about that?

    The old Sarge who wont say if he has one.

  3. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Quixote Syndrome 4 days ago


    Perhaps, mon petite ami will do? Oui, oui is very good as well.

    The unkindest cut of all, ouch!.

    What a revolting and last development for the great General. He did leave his Josephine for another woman, however. Before that, as I recall, he wrote her, I am coming home, “do not wash, I want the smell of you”. Humm.

    The old Sarge who sometimes imagines that he served in the French Foreign Legion instead of the US Army.

    I perhaps watched too many episodes of Captain Gallant of then Foreign Legion on black and white TV decades ago. With Buster Crabbe as the star. Très cool! Viva la France.

  4. waykirk1 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Quixote Syndrome 5 days ago

    Well, some one had to say this. He was a dictator.

    What a sorry end for a great general of France.

    The old Francophone, Sarge.