Pickles by Brian Crane



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  1. beviek

    beviek GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    Good for you Earl. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Rogue Symmetry

    Rogue Symmetry GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    Wow, and I thought I was a slave to my diary!

  3. jnik23260

    jnik23260 said, 7 months ago

    They were the first and last times he had sex!

  4. Jo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)

    Jo Clear (aka: Grasshopper) said, 7 months ago

    He’s right for a change…you still have to have some best yet to come and they could be better then what you remember of the old days…You tend to forget some of the story, that far back…

  5. firedome

    firedome said, 7 months ago

    his second good day was five days before my high school graduation..

  6. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody said, 7 months ago


  7. berroci

    berroci said, 7 months ago

    Hmm, so the day when the last Fokker CX in military service crashed, and the day after the arrest of Andreas Baader, must somehow be really important for him.

  8. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, 7 months ago

    Will you stop blabbering and make your move?

  9. Jean

    Jean said, 7 months ago

    my last good day was June 20, 1997 when my first grandsons were born. (twins)

  10. Linguist

    Linguist said, 7 months ago

    Everyday is a great day. The first thing I do, is read the Irish Sports Page ( The Obituaries ) and the Police Report in the newspaper. if I’m not listed in either one, then it is going to be a good day.

  11. Five boys

    Five boys said, 7 months ago

    @jean. Don’t you still enjoy them? My twin grandsons are 8 and so much fun.

  12. whmIII

    whmIII said, 7 months ago

    The good old days…

  13. mrs_yld

    mrs_yld said, 7 months ago

    I’m thinking the day he got married and the day his first child was born. :) They were quite a distance apart. Maybe he had to finish his schooling first.

  14. Vegas Viper

    Vegas Viper said, 7 months ago

    They said you can’t take it with you… SO I ain’t going.

  15. AndiK

    AndiK said, 7 months ago


    He’d have to be pretty old for that! I’m guessing he’s only in his sixties or seventies?

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