Aug 24, 2013
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Pig:  Hey, Goat. This is my friend, Patty...she doesn't like to communicate very much.
Goat:  Why is that/
Pig:  I don't know, but she likes 'Silly Putty.' So I told her to form it into words if she'd lie.
Goat:  Oh, good idea.
Pig:  Yeah, but then she wanted privacy, so she took it into the bathroom and then came back with very few words.
Goat:  That's too bad.
Pig:  I know. Would you mind trying to talk to her?
Goat:  Sure.  Pity you're so pithy with the putty in the potty, Patty.
Pig:  Did I mention she likes putt-putt golf?
Rat:  STOP!
Goat:  Please, Rat. Don't be petty to pithy Patty.
Aug 26, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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