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  1. wmconelly

    wmconelly said, about 3 years ago

    Yeah, well, the entire family’s got something to worry about: we have a real world laboratory where the GOP’s dream world exists RIGHT NOW and can, therefore, be thoughtfully examined. In this RepubliCon Eden 1)There is no government. 2) There are no taxes. 3) There are no regulations. 4) There are guns everywhere. 5) There is one religion and 6) Women are chattel.

    This heaven on earth is Somalia. Family oriented people should have a close look.

  2. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, about 3 years ago

    Besides being disgusting, you are apparently illiterate. The comic is about the threatened default. And you obviously know nothing about Anthropogenic Global Warming.

  3. mikefive

    mikefive said, about 3 years ago

    From The Onion:

    Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress

  4. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, about 3 years ago


    That was terrific mikefive!! President Obama would be an outright fool to negotiate for only a six weeks extension of the debt ceiling and a continued governmental shutdown. This would hit horribly hard just at the holiday season when most business has to make high sales and profits, or go under. And, they call the Republican Party the party of business?
    I think the real owners of Congress (the corporations and the wealthy) might just have some objection to that!!!

  5. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, about 3 years ago

    And the longer this government shutdown continues, and any kind of non raising of the debt limit goes on, the worse it will be for all concerned. But politically, it will be (just look at the latest pols) far harder on Congress, and especially the Republicans in general. And the worst hit will be reserved for the tea party type ultra conservatives (sorry, normal ultra conservatives, I don’t mean to be insulting). I can not believe that it will be allowed to get even close to the holiday season, let alone through the holiday season. But, if it should happen to, then the Republican Party is truly doomed in 2014. And that is regardless of any gerrymandering or vote suppression, even in the south.

    You can have all of the ideology you want, but if you fool with American business profits, then you are going to be out of there!!! And American business is smart enough to know that the problem is being caused by these tea party types in the Republican Party. Heck, I read somewhere that the Koch brothers are now telling these people that they might just lose their support financially. Money talks, and big money talks loudest!!

  6. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, about 3 years ago

    Gee, as the majority of Americans are not Republicans (not necessarily Democrats either, but certainly not Republicans). And an even greater majority are not the ultra conservative tea party type of Republicans that you seem to favor so very much. So, what you are saying in your deliriums, is that the vast majority of Americans are neither responsible nor working?

    Companies that are doing well with such irresponsible non working people as that, such as Boeing would sure like to talk to such a genius as you. You alone could obviously solve any and all of their labor problems!!

  7. DGF999

    DGF999 said, about 3 years ago

    The sad thing is that people will believe the dire warnings when nothing is going to happen…

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