Sep 1, 2013
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Dr. Ling: Yes, Paige?
Paige: Sir, about next week's test...I looked at the cafeteria schedule and lunch on that day sounds totally vile and disgusting.
Dr. Ling: What's that have to do with the test?
Paige: This class is fifth period! I can't speak for the other students, but I'm going to have a hard time intelligently answering questions if I'm writhing on the floor fighting nausea and stomach cramps!
Dr. Ling: So you want me to postpone it a day?
Paige: Actually, the next day's lunch sounds equally bad. 
Dr. Ling: So when exactly do you propose I give the test?
Paige: I figured I'd leave that up to you. Here's the cafeteria schedule.
Dr. Ling: You certainly make a compelling case for "never".
Paige: Oh, good, so we're in agreement.
Sep 15, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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