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By Garry Trudeau
Apr 20, 2013
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What is is, Petraeus? What's wrong? He senses injustice! Check out new pix of me fighting evil. Up all night battling evil. U? Tyranny had a bad night... Anyone tackling injustice in Uzbekistan? Need $4300 to clean out pockets of evil in Kunduz... ZZZ! Voice: Sorkh Razil? Time to fight evil again! Jeff: I'm raising an extraordinary question... Who's the real enemy-- Al Quaeda or social media? Editor: I see that. By night he fights evil. By day, he updates his Facebook page... and tweets... and blogs... and networks on LinkedIn... and fundraises on Kickstarter... and blasts email until he succumbs to fatigue.
Apr 22, 2013
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