Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau


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  1. Tim Stark

    Tim Stark GoComics PRO Member said, over 8 years ago

    the first published strip included 3-way parallelism as the set-up


    DOBRIEN said, over 8 years ago

    how do you search the archive

  3. polyglotinc

    polyglotinc said, almost 8 years ago

    yes, how do you search? (like the ad promised before I signed up)

  4. vikcarty

    vikcarty said, over 7 years ago

    how do you search the archive?


    KRORRORR said, about 7 years ago

    the beginning of a beautiful relationship

  6. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Following are character tags added to Doonesbury strips from the beginning to

    1 / 22 / 72

    and 7 / 1 / 07 - 8 / 3 / 08

    and 9 / 21 / 08

    and 9 / 28 / 08

    and 11 / 16 / 08

    and 11 / 24 / 08 - 11 / 30 /08

    and 1 / 19 / 09 – 1 / 24 / 09

    and 9 / 28 / 09 - 4 / 1 / 11

    excluding unposted / nonexistent Sunday strips ( Sundays before 3/21/71 and 4/18-6/6/71). I usually put character and other tags with the subject’s first appearance in a story or “theme week” ; for other related strips check the strips preceding and following the tagged ones.

  7. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Major characters:

    Alex Doonesbury [aka] alexandra dunes beri [alexandra d’unes-beri]

    Andy Lippincott


    benjy doonesbury [aka] benjy p doonesbury

    doonesbury bernie

    Boopsie [aka] aunt boopsie

    doonesbury calvin chase talbott III

    mrs deluca dick davenport doonesbury didi doonesbury drew uncle Duke

    doonesbury earl doonesbury elias doonesbury elmont

    doonesbury havoc honey huan

    jeff redfern [aka] jeffrey redfern [aka] red rascal [aka] sorkh razil [aka] blue rascal [aka] rascal six

    im andrews JImmy Thudpucker jj caucus Joanie Caucus

    kim rosenthal president king

    Lacey Davenport

    mark slackmeyer [aka] doonesbury matt

    melissa wheeler [aka] sgt mctight-ass

    mike doonesbury

    doonesbury nichole

    phil slackmeyer [aka] morris slackmeyer [actually phil slackmeyer]

    doonesbury phred

    captain ramaldi

    ray hightower [aka] doonesbury tango 9

    rick redfern

    Roland Hedley [aka] Roland Burton Hedley [aka] ro-j

    doonesbury roz rufus jackson

    doonesbury samantha [aka] big sister [aka] nancy nobody

    Reverend Scot Sloan doonesbury sherman sid kibbitz

    mrs slackmeyer [aka?] slackmeyer marilou

    Toggle trff bmzklfrpz

    widow doonesbury [aka] daisy doonesbury [aka] granny d

    zeke brenner [aka] uncle stupidhead [aka] uncle chucklebutt

    zipper harris

    zonker harris [aka] uncle z [aka] viscount st austell [his lordship the viscount st. austell-in-the-moor biggleswade-brixham]

  8. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Minor named characters (A-E):

    doonesbury akbari [afghan warlord]

    doonesbury alamo [soldier] doonesbury alan [walden college admissions] doonesbury albert [mike doonesbury’s cousin] doonesbury alphie [robot] doonesbury anastasia [waitress]

    doonesbury armando [mcfriendlys employee] doonesbury arnie [hardhat] professor atkins

    doonesbury baha [ghurian’s husband]

    doonesbury bedbugs roland hedley benny roland hedley billy doonesbury bill [art student] doonesbury bill [bd walden teammate] black batmen [rufus’ baseball team] doonesbury bo swit [civil war reenactor] doonesbury fbi bob [mark slackmeyer’s cousin] doonesbury uncle bob [mike doonesbury’s uncle] doonesbury bruce [bd walden teammate]

    doonesbury cal [bd walden teammate] doonesbury cathy [mike doonesbury’s friend] doonesbury celeste [walden vet center] chad severnson [entrepreneur] charlie green [walden professor] doonesbury cheryl [jim andrews’ secretary] doonesbury cheryl [sid kibbitz’s assistant] chou fu ling [chinese exchange student] doonesbury cindy [mike doonesbury’s girlfriend] mrs cleaver [mrs slackmeyer’s friend] connie ogletree [widow doonesbury’s friend] doonesbury cora [walden vet center] doonesbury crisis [wrestler] doonesbury cynthia [encounter group member]

    doonesbury danny [walden student] doonesbury mr davis [electric company employee]

    doonesbury dex [vet] doonesbury diane [rufus’ friend] doonesbury donna p [roland hedley’s girlfriend] doonesbury doris [bernie’s starfish] doug chumley [gop consultant] doonesbury dude [soldier]

    ed crenshaw [widow doonesbury’s boyfriend] roland hedley ed doonesbury edna [emma wanamacher] doonesbury elaine [mike doonesbury’s girlfriend] elihu walden [college founder] doonesbury ellie [mark’s brokerage coworker] doonesbury elmer [bd walden teammate] doonesbury emile [MIT student] emma wanamacher [roland contest winner]

  9. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Minor named characters (F-K):

    fadi shaben [iraq refugee] doonesbury fineman [soldier]

    doonesbury frank [art student] doonesbury frank [bd walden teammate] roland hedley frank doonesbury frankie [truck driver] doonesbury fred [passenger]

    doonesbury gail [senator so and so’s wife] doonesbury npr gary

    doonesbury george [aka] walden college dean

    doonesbury ghurian [akbari’s daughter] doonesbury gretchen [walden college applicant]

    doonesbury hakim [toggle’s classmate] halik matik [berzerkistan foreign minister]

    doonesbury hank [aka] Henry Kissinger

    hank marks [baseball player] hank wanamacher [roland contest winner] hanna shaben [iraq refugee]

    doonesbury harriet [mike doonesbury’s aunt] harry reasonless [tv reporter] doonesbury henry [mike doonesbury’s uncle] doonesbury henry [army clerk] doonesbury henry [army doctor]

    doonesbury history

    doonesbury holmbys [widow doonesbury’s boyfriends] doonesbury howie [meryl streep’s agent]

    doonesbury jackie [soldier] doonesbury jackie co mrs jackson [rufus’ mother] doonesbury janie [mike doonesbury’s girlfriend] doonesbury jason [veteran] jason nabors [army applicant] doonesbury jed [widow doonesbury’s boyfriend] jedediah fishkill [civil war reenactor]

    doonesbury jennifer [toggle’s cousin] doonesbury jenny [larry drumburger’s girlfriend] doonesbury jerry [soldier] doonesbury jimbo [bd walden teammate] doonesbury jimmy [art student] doonesbury john [bd walden teammate] doonesbury johnny [bd walden teammate] doonesbury jonathon [bd walden teammate] doonesbury jorge [mcfriendlys waiter] doonesbury joy [mark’s brokerage coworker]

    doonesbury justin [soldier] justin pratt [soldier]

    doonesbury kirby [bd walden teammate] krystal andrews [jim andrews’ wife]

  10. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Minor named characters (L-R):

    lamont whirley [tea party activist]

    doonesbury npr larry larry drumburger [walden college student] doonesbury lars [grad student] doonesbury len [hank wanamacher] leonard talking frog doonesbury lev [widow doonesbury’s boyfriend] levon puggs III [nascar driver]

    doonesbury lily [mike doonesbury’s girlfriend] linda locale [walden college teenager] doonesbury lisa [mike doonesbury’s girlfriend] luther manion [berzerkistan olympic team]

    doonesbury maloney [soldier] bd mother maria may hightower mr mcfriendly doonesbury mckinney [seattle police detective] melissa pepper [crazy walden student] major meng [chaplain] doonesbury meredith [books n stuff]

    roland hedley mike doonesbury miller [soldier]

    bd girlfriend molly

    doonesbury murph [soldier] doonesbury murtle [george w bush aide]

    doonesbury ned [soldier] doonesbury ned [calvin’s friend] ned nutley [bd’s friend]

    ol surfer dude ollie crenshaw [widow doonesbury’s boyfriend]

    mr overkill [aka] jack overkill

    papa niner [air force]

    doonesbury paul [aka] Paul McCracken

    doonesbury big paul [walden college] doonesbury paulo [toggle’s friend] doonesbury pig doonesbury piggy [samantha’s bank] doonesbury pony [samantha’s doll] prof smartypants [samantha’s doll] mrs profrock [mrs slackmeyer’s friend]

    doonesbury ralph [mike doonesbury’s teddy bear] doonesbury ralph [bd walden teammate] ralph marks [baseball player] ralph slatsky [walden opponent player] captain ramaldi [iraqi army] doonesbury ray [mike doonesbury’s friend]

    doonesbury robbie [dog] doonesbury ron [bd walden teammate] doonesbury ryan [soldier]

  11. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Minor named characters (S-Z):

    doonesbury sally [pizzeria owner] sally hudson [bd’s friend] doonesbury rotc sam sam smooth [dating expert] doonesbury fbi sarah [fbi bob’s wife] doonesbury scott [astronaut] captain seabrook [melissa wheeler’s supervisor] sean mcelroy [berzerkistan olympic team] seveta petrenko [berzerkistan olympic team] doonesbury shabens [iraq refugees]

    toggle dr shiply [professor] [aka] toggle dr shipley

    doonesbury shirley [mark’s brokerage coworker] doonesbury skid [widow doonesbury’s boyfriend] skippy jefferson [terrorist] smashmouth [robot] senator so and so

    stan flagg [overkill systems] doonesbury stigma [toggle’s friend]

    doonesbury ted [mark’s brokerage coworker] doonesbury ted wife [mark’s brokerage coworker wife] doonesbury Tom [aka larry drumburger] doonesbury tommy [agent] doonesbury the tree [bd walden teammate] sergeant truman [army recruiter] doonesbury t s [reader]

    vern lebeau [civil war reenactor] vernon littlefield [widow doonesbury’s boyfriend] violet mcphee [library of congress]

    toggle prof walt doonesbury walter [delegate] doonesbury warren [widow doonesbury’s boyfriend] mrs washer [mrs slackmeyer’s friend] mrs wasserman [walden college secretary] doonesbury william [bd walden teammate] willy leawood [delegate]

  12. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Real institutions, products, etc. (A-H):

    abbey road abc

    acetaminophen action comics AIG air force alice in wonderland al jazeera Al Qaeda altamont

    Ambien america by heart [sarah palin book] american chopper american idol american revolution amherst andersonville andrews afb apollo apple applebees

    aquafina army army rangers Attica

    baby bells Back to the Future bagram

    beverly hillbillies Big Red bird flu birds eye

    Black Ops [videogame] black panthers blackhawk [helicopter] blue state Bluetooth

    boeing borat born 2 roll Boston Tea Party botox

    BP [aka] british petroleum

    bridge to nowhere bubbaville building 18 [walter reed] bushism

    c 17 [aka] c 17 globemaster III

    Cadillac Call of Duty [videogame] camelot capitol car talk cascades Catch-22

    cbs chicago cubs chilis chinook [helicopter] chrysler CIA cialis cincinnati reds civil war

    classic rock clonazepam

    cnbc CNN coast guard coca-cola cold war columbia comedy central confederacy Congress Cornell University Costco country music


    daily show dasani

    death blossom death panel decision points [george w bush autobiography]

    desert one [aka] eagle claw

    diazepam disney dodge ram donorschoose [web site] dont ask dont tell dover air force base dow jones dyncorp

    endangered species escalade etruria

    facebook fbi FCC Field of Dreams fightthesmears [obama website] first lady fisher house five forks flomax

    fort drum founding fathers fourth of July fox fox and friends fox news friends

    Garden of Eden

    Geico geico gecko general motors geritol gettysburg address gi bill

    gladiator [movie] glenn beck univ

    Global Warming glock

    The Godfather

    golden gloves Goldman Sachs good morning america good to go google gopac gossip girl grammy grande isle guantanamo gulf of mexico

    the hague halliburton hamlet haqqani Hardball harley davidson harm reduction Harry Potter harvard hathaway shirt head on heavy metal H ells Angels helvetica hew [cabinet department] HHS hilton

    Holocaust homeland security hors d oeuvres hot tap houston oilers Howard University

    human rights humvee

  13. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Real institutions, products, etc. (I-O):

    ibm idlewild IED indiana pacers

    instant messaging [aka] im

    internet invesco field


    iPad iphone ipod IRS isf [iraqi army] ivy league

    jack in the box Jaws jon and kate plus 8 jonestown junk shot

    Katrina kelloggs Kent State



    Knight Rider kool aid ku klux klan Kung Fu

    larry king live the last starfighter


    library of congress Lincoln Memorial little league live nation love story lysistrata

    mac [aka] macintosh

    mackie [recording console]

    Mafia [aka] cosa nostra

    magic realism magical mystery tour magna carta magni pretii

    mans fate [andre malraux book]

    marines [aka] marine


    mcdonnell douglas

    medicaid Medicare metrodome

    middle east mile high stadium minnesota vikings mit mit senate mod squad m60 [machine gun] MSNBC



    nasa nascar national airport national debt nba nbc NBC Nightly News

    New England new normal new york knicks new york mets new york university New York Yankees

    9/11 1984

    no fly zone nobel prize Notre Dame NPR nuclear weapon

    oakland athletics oakley

    obamacare obamaism Olympics

    otto bock otto bock x2

    overstock [website]


  14. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Real institutions, products, etc (P-Z):

    pandora parkinsons disease patriot act paypal

    pbs pentagon papers pepsi percocet

    phoenix suns ping pong pittsburgh pirates


    playboy pledge of allegiance pledge to america


    post office [aka] USPS

    proposition 19

    PTSD Purple Heart

    rack recon ray-ban

    readers digest Red Bull revolutionary guard

    rfd [aka] rural free delivery

    rice krispies Richard III

    rolling stone [aka] rs

    Roman Empire [aka] rome

    romeo and juliet

    rotc royal jamaica


    SCHIP scope

    Second Amendment second life [web site]

    secretary general seven dirty words

    shaab shamwow shea stadium

    the simple life The Simpsons


    smart bomb

    soundcraft [recording console] soviet union

    speaking of sports stanford starbucks Star Wars state department

    Super Tuesday supreme court

    swift boat [aka] swiftboat

    taliban [aka] talib

    talmud tang tarp [bailout program] tbi tea party

    third world

    Today Show tonight show top cap top hat top kill topamax

    toy story Toy Story 3

    true grit trump university

    tufts university

    twa [aka] trans world airlines

    twelfth night

    24 24-7 twitter

    union station

    united kingdom

    United Nations [aka] un

    united states upi uso

    VA valium vanity fair variety

    velveeta verizon victorias secret viet cong the view virtual reality visa vogue

    wall street walter reed war and peace war on terror

    Washington Monument washington post

    washington state [aka] washington

    wesleyan college West Side Story

    when I grow up white house white oak road


    workers compensation

    world court World Cup


    xe services

    Yale yerba buena yerba buena center yes we can YouTube

    z reticulata ziploc Zits

  15. Terence O'Brien

    Terence O'Brien said, about 7 years ago

    Doonesbury institutions, products, etc.

    afro american day doonesbury air-south doonesbury alist [GPS program] doonesbury alpin daz [canned air] amalgamated [amalgamated shoulderpads industries] arc light studios [recording studio]

    doonesbury babybells [ringtone festival] toggle band basic doonesbury berzerkistan berzerki berzerkis

    berzerki taliban berzerki talmudi berzerkistan rebels berzerkistani berzerkistanis berzerkistan flag

    Doonesbury big blue [opposing college hockey team] black branch

    bmzklfrpz city bmzklfrpz mountains lake bmzklfrpz books n stuff

    doonesbury cit [college] doonesbury skid club toggle college crown theatre

    Dew Drop Inn drew world Dr Whoopee duke day

    easter elephant easter hen doonesbury the exit [ scot sloan’s coffeehouse]

    famouswriters school


    kzffftp river

    landscapes [mike doonesbury’s column] lord cheney

    magnolia college mayflower club [phil slackmeyer’s club] mcfriendlys [restaurant] doonesbury mpztko my shorts r bunching [roland hedley’s twitter book]

    doonesbury nbs [tv network]

    overkill systems

    doonesbury platinum premium doonesbury ptklm [pronunciation of bmzklfrpz]

    rix cereal

    sallys pizza doonesbury sandbox [milblog] spacebook st agnes school

    testosteroni grande [coffee blend] thrillah in wasilla [roland tv special] trff trff city trff river

    Walden walden campus news walden college walden vet center

    doonesbury website []

    zipandra al-zip zip-al [zipper and alex celebrity couple names]

    zonker harris day

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