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By Garry Trudeau
Mar 2, 2013
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Alex: Why are we in the same panel? Have we ever met? Trff: I think I'd remember. Alex: Continuity! Voice: We're checking it... Mark: Hey fan base! Ever wonder why there are so many little inconsistencies in the strip? Mike: The reason is simple--- Doonesbury is an artisanal comic! Mark: Yes, artisanal-- meaning that each strip is hand-assembled by a local artist using only the freshest gags! Mike: Unlike corporate comics, which are mass-produced from rigid, formulaic specs! With artisanal comics, strips are written under brutal deadline conditions, then hastily pencilled and shipped abroad for inking... Gary Trudeau: Get these on the next flight to Tegucigalpa! Mike: There, proud but under-rested artisans occasionally slip up..." Artisan 1: Oops. Artisan 2: Don't worry about it. Mike: ...resulting in small lapses in continuity and art that only add to the character and charm of the final strip! Man: Why does Zip have three arms? Woman: How odd. Mark: So remember, folks-- always look for this seal! Mike: Artisanal comics-- because who likes perfect? Watch on both wrists. Wrong color hair.
Mar 4, 2013
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