Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau


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  1. pouncingtiger

    pouncingtiger said, over 6 years ago

    I hope Roland doesn’t smoke.

  2. Sheik Yerbouti

    Sheik Yerbouti said, over 6 years ago

    R your shorts still bunching, Roland? By the way, try using that nice red kettle barbecue on your deck.

  3. Lewreader

    Lewreader said, over 6 years ago

    Roland, it’s a dirty job but someones got to do it.

  4. Engleknot

    Engleknot GoComics PRO Member said, over 6 years ago

    pouncingtiger/radish - you two should play together more often! otravez should have followed with the rimshot!

  5. rmbdot

    rmbdot said, over 6 years ago

    I hope there’s no explosion and fire - it might trigger traumatic memories of the comm headset fire from the 1980 convention.

  6. Potrzebie

    Potrzebie said, over 6 years ago

    Hmm, perhaps Joe can put some Dem propaganda all over the property. Remember that Faux will not broadcast anything in favor of the Dems.

  7. Nemesys

    Nemesys said, over 6 years ago

    Au contraire, Pot. Fox broadcasts all the good things the Dems are doing. Lately, that takes about 12 minutes out of the 24-hour news cycle.

  8. Wildcard24365

    Wildcard24365 said, over 6 years ago

    Nemesys: That explains a lot of Fox’s content, since facts have had a rather distinctly left-bias for the last 10 years…

  9. WaitingMan

    WaitingMan said, over 6 years ago

    Fox News needs to be refudiated.

  10. Larry

    Larry said, over 6 years ago

    I get all my news from Joh Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

  11. heeyuk

    heeyuk said, over 6 years ago

    Gas leaks.

  12. Nemesys

    Nemesys said, over 6 years ago

    Wildcard: It’s a popular misconception (or bias) that Fox doesn’t report positive stories about Democrats. Some recent examples:

    1) Fox reported very extensively and positivley about Obama’s choice of General Petraeus to take charge of all military operations. This validation of Bush’s general was very much welcomed, particularly since it wasn’t long ago when the left was calling him General Betray-Us.

    2) Fox was very positive about the administration’s Dept. of Agriculture firing bigoted Shirley Sherrod last night.

    3) Barney Frank’s comments about Kathy Griffin’s slander on Senator Brown’s daughters has been extensively positively covered.

    Fox has no problem reporting positve stories on Democrats when those Democrats do positive things. Bush didn’t get that same break with the left media… for example, his commitment to fund HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa was largely ignored by the “mainstream media”.

  13. dimbulb

    dimbulb said, over 6 years ago


    So you’re saying that Fox is not mainstream media?


  14. Nemesys

    Nemesys said, over 6 years ago

    dimbulb, if you Google “Mainstream Media”, the first definition (from is “Mainstream media (MSM) are media that reflects the mainstream – “the prevailing current of thought, influence, or activity.””

    So no, Fox is not mainstream media. It covers some stories that are not found on other networks. True, it has the largest audience on cable news, but it is significantly outnumbered by all other media sources combined that collectively cover “the prevailing current of thought, influence, and activity”.

    If you’re “Really” interested in the question, there’s a recent article in the Huffington Post that explores it:

  15. ringokarma

    ringokarma said, over 6 years ago

    Most “news” in the US is simply low-grade entertainment. Some of us who prefer not to have our thinking shaped by media do not even own television sets. Try it. Turn off the tube (or do what I did, throw it away). There will be a period of withdrawal, but in time brief snatches of independent thinking will occur. In my case, after about a year television could no longer hold my attention when I would visit homes where it was on and being watched. In fact, the people who sat and watched TV were no longer interesting to me. Remember, all TV - even TV News - has a hidden agenda …

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