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By Garry Trudeau
Jul 18, 2010
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Honey: *gasp* It's him! Phone: Brrr! Brrr! Honey: Should I answer? No way! And yet I must! Phone: Brrrr! Brrrr! Brrrr! Duke: Honey! Good Lord, you're hard to track down, woman! Don't you ever check your voice mail? Honey: What do you want, sir? Duke: What makes you think I want something? Okay, I do. Remember back when you were handling spin for Chairman Mao... and you had to explain away the millions of Chinese peasants who died on your boss's watch?  Well, you had this great, totally opaque parable you'd use to deflect questions. Do you recall how it went? Honey: You're working for BP, aren't you? Duke: Something to do with eggs. Or swallows. Help me out here...
Jul 20, 2010
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