May 4, 1991
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Calvin: "It says here that "religion is the opiate of the masses." ...What do you suppose THAT means?"
Tv: "...It means Karl Marx hadn't seen anything yet..."
Hobbes: "What are you watching?"
Calvin: "Garbage, this show would insult a 6-year-old! And I should know."
Hobbes: "So why watch it?"
Calvin: "All the other shows are even worse!"
Hobbes: "Why watch tv at all then?"
Calvin: "There's nothing to do."
Hobbes: "NOTHING TO DO?! You could read a book! Or write a letter! Or take a walk!"
Hobbes: "When you're old, you'll wish you had more than memories of this tripe to look back on."
Calvin: "Undoubtedly"
May 6, 1991
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