Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard

Brewster Rockit

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  1. A Common 'tater

    A Common 'tater said, 8 months ago

    I’d buy one. So often I wish restaurants would ask me whether I think I should really need that much food, but they never do…

  2. Three Steps Over Japan

    Three Steps Over Japan said, 8 months ago

    Build a smart cheese ball jar, and Dr. Mel’s lifespan will be measurable in minutes…

  3. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, 8 months ago

    @A Common ’tater

    One local outfit puts so such on the plate that I assume two meals and split it when I start eating. Take home time…

  4. Bilan

    Bilan said, 8 months ago

    Would the smart fork at McDonalds say You don’t want to eat that!

  5. Ryan (Say what now‽)

    Ryan (Say what now‽) GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    And it will be called the smork.

  6. Phatts California

    Phatts California said, 8 months ago

    see, this is why I eat with my fingers

  7. Coyoty

    Coyoty GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    The Japanese already have smart toilets. I’d feel sorry for them when they become self-aware.

  8. A_Dream4u

    A_Dream4u said, 8 months ago

    Maybe the doc should try to invent “Smart Government”
    Wait.. That’s an Oxymoron.

  9. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, 8 months ago

    Already seen one at Brookstone — there’s one that tracks your eating, and another that is for grilling which tracks temperature.

  10. Clark  Kent

    Clark Kent said, 8 months ago

    Some people need miniature shovels.

  11. jrmerm

    jrmerm said, 8 months ago

    What does a smart condom do? For one thing it can go.., never mind.

  12. ckham

    ckham said, 8 months ago

    There is, of course, a backdoor portal so the gub’ment knows what you’re eating. For your own good, ya know.

  13. Newenglandah

    Newenglandah said, 8 months ago

    Good idea, but I would sooner see a smart bar glass that would tell the patron he has had enough alcohol for the night.

  14. NoSleepTil_BKLYN

    NoSleepTil_BKLYN said, 8 months ago

    If any idea can be called,“too good”, then this is it!

  15. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 8 months ago

    I’ve been to a few restaurants where the fork would be saying, ‘Wait, that was it?’(Usually very expensive meals to boot.)

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