Dec 21, 2016
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Elvis:  Who's that?
Burt:  Father O'Kittery. He's been trying to save the Case brothers for years.  He ran their reform school. Practically raised them! Bandit's gone good, but he still worries about Kit.  
Elvis:  ...Kit seems like a pretty good guy.
Burt:  Right?
Kit:  Father O'Kittery! I need your help!  Oh, Father, I'm sorry. Did I startle you?
Father O'Kittery:  Never fear, Kit.  I still have a few lives left.  How can I help you, my kitten?
Kit:  We need to save Snowball Taggart. 
Father O'Kittery:  Snowball Taggart? Married my one true love and forced me into the priesthood, Snowball Taggart?
Snowball:  What is this?! A who's who of poor cats I don't want near my family?!
Father:  Well, it's Christmas! If you can't save your enemies at Christmas, who can you save?
Snowball:  How dare you? You're my enemy!
Dec 23, 2016
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