Dec 16, 2016
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Snowball:  I'm going to the hospital to tell Angora how I feel!
Bandit:  Glad to hear it, big brother!  Ever think about coming around to the right side of the law? I could use a partner.
Snowball:  Not really my scene, Bandit. I know the way.
Bandit:  Fair enough, Kit. Need a lift to the hospital?
Angora:  I feel like we should be at the hospital.
Mother:  You're marrying Dad's business partner in two hours, Angora. Your martyrdom is covered tonight.
Dr. Mittens:  Unplug this monitor...
Dr. Mittens:  The time of fake death is half past seven.
Brad:  You should probably stop saying "fake death".
Dr. Mittens:  I will.
Brad:  You wrote it on the death certificate.
Dr. Mittens:  Fake death certificate.  Relax, Brad. Soon no one will know Snowball Taggart is really still alive!
Dec 18, 2016
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