Dec 15, 2016
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Puck:  Did I miss anything?!
Burt:  Paisley says the wedding is cursed by deceit on both sides!
Robber Mouse:  She saw it in her crystal ball!
Paisley:  Two dresses, both unnecessary! Angora, you must not wed this night. And Princess, my brother Captain Nimple lives!
Mother:  Oh, Paisley-
Kitten:  One dress.
Mother:  I believed once before-
Paisley:  And you were right! You can't give up hope now!  See that star? It is the star of second chances! It has guided wanderers in search of hope for centuries.  And tonight it guides my brother! Let it guide your heart too, Angora.
Bandit: search of hope for centuries. Let it guide you tonight.
Snowball Taggart:  Wow! I like that, Bandit.
Bandit:  Thanks...a cool girl once told me that through the bars of a jail cell.
Dr. Mittens: search of hope for centuries. Let it guide you tonight.
Brad:  Nifty! I like that, Dr. Mittens!
Dr. Mittens:  Thanks, Brad! A mental patient once told me that right before I locked her in a jail cell!  Well, let's go fake Snowball Taggart's death before your wedding!
Brad:  I'm going to buy Angora that star!
Dec 17, 2016
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