Apr 29, 2016
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(And now for today's episode of Our IX Lives) 
Snowball Taggert: Angora- 
Snowball Taggert: I don't want you seeing that Kit Chase scoundrel. 
Snowball Taggert: It's bad enough Princess had to run off with that sailor's cat...Only to have him LOST AT SEA- 
Princess: (SLAM, !) 
Princess: Captain Nimble and I were in love. You'd understand if you ever took the time to know him! 
Princess' daughter: Mama- 
Snowball Taggert: This arguing is bad for my heart. Where are my pills... 
Angora: Father! 
Princess: Relax Angora, FATHER HAS NO HEART- 
Princess: Took you back in, didn't I? Show up on my door step wrapped in a fishing net, with a kitten... Now, please. I need my rest. 
Angora: Father- 
Princess' Daughter: Grandpoppy- 
Princess: UGH 
Snowball Taggert: Thank goodness for my pills....
Snowball Taggert: (WINK) 
Angora: Oh, this life of lavish refinement and indecision- 
Kit: Psssst! Angora! 
Angora: Kit! 
Kit: Mind if I join you? 
Angora: You climbed two stories? 
Kit: I'd climb a whole novel for you, girl. 
Kit: Come away with me, Angora. You've never lived the stray cat life. We'll sleep in flower boxes and eat garbage. 
Angora: That's growss. 
Kit: Hot garbage? Nothing better! 
Angora: Like tires and stuff....? 
Kit: Have you talked to your father?
Angora: I tried, but-his weak heart. He's so fearful it will be Captain Nimble all over again. 
Kit: Captain Nimble? That reminds me... 
Kit: I got this letter... 
Kit: From THE SEA- 
Puck: GASP! 
Burt: Captain Nimble was best friends with the Chase brothers! 
Burt: Could it be?
Natasha: GASP!
TV: Next week on Our IX LIVES....
Snowball Taggert: What's going on here?-MY HEART! 
Burt: This new break room for the station was a great idea, Puck. 
Puck: Thanks! It's usually a laundry room.
May 1, 2016
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