Apr 28, 2016
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Lupin: Tonight we discuss "Vacuum Cleaner Preparedness." Where will YOU be when the vacuum cleaner strikes?
Elvis: It's a troubling statistic Lupin. This year POSSIBLY TRILLIONS of cats will be caught unaware by the vacuum cleaner. 
Elvis: Preparation is the only thing keeping you from being sucked into disaster! 
Puck: If a vacuum cleaners appears, seek shelter IMMEDIATELY.  
Puck: Remember: "If it's not a broom, leave the room." 
Elvis: Lupin, what should cats keep on paw in case they need to take shelter? 
Lupin: Food and water, Elvis. Litter, if there's time. 
Elvis: One reason cupboards make excellent shelter. Lupin, how long should cats be prepared to wait out the vacuum? 
Lupin: Minimum: Forever. 
Puck: Family drills are helpful. 
Puck: But make me nervous- 
Elvis: GO! GO! (TWEET) 
Elvis: This is the CN news crew, reminding you that vacuum cleaner preparedness is every cat's responsibility! 
Lupin: What we need under the bed is ham....
Apr 30, 2016
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