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The Boondocks

By Aaron McGruder
Aug 21, 1999
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Riley:  I want to go see a movie, a good one, with gore and stuff. What's playing?
Huey:  Well, let's see what hollywood is offering up this weekend.  Here's a movie about a killer alligator called "Lake Placid".
Riley:  Wack. Next.
Huey:  Here's a movie about a killer shark called "Deep Blue Sea".
Riley:  That sounds like garbage, too.
Huey:  I'm afraid hollywood has officially run out of ideas.
Riley:  Tough choice...alligators or sharks...
Huey:  Wait - it says here LL Cool J is in Deep Blue Sea".
Riley:  Well then, that settles it...
Huey:  Three for "Lake Placid", please.
Granddad:  Now boys, are you sure no rappers are in this movie? I saw that boy IceCube in "Anaconda" and he was so bad I had stomach cramps!
Aug 23, 1999
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