Zen Pencils by Gavin Aung Than for February 17, 2014

  1. Missing large
    Chrystos B Minot Premium Member about 10 years ago

    This one brought tears to my eyes. Bravo, to Carl, and to you.

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  2. Dscn0179
    tmt  about 10 years ago

    I second your comment, Chrystos.

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  3. Chainlightning
    electricshadow Premium Member about 10 years ago
    The quote was profound on its own, but the artwork deepens it. Well done.
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  4. Missing large
    ART Thompson Premium Member about 10 years ago

    Agreed. Loved the Napoleon. Living down the block from his last Palace in his futile quests.

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  5. Photo 041310 002
    j2p2  about 10 years ago

    The moment I saw the boy, I knew whence the quote had come. Bravo indeed!

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  6. 250
    ladykat  about 10 years ago


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  7. Bm 1
    batfan13  about 10 years ago


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  8. Comixavatar
    T_Lexi  about 10 years ago


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  9. 68mustang
    queenkimmie  about 10 years ago

    Beautiful! Now, let’s see if we can all remember this as we go through our daily lives.

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  10. Missing large
    posse1 Premium Member about 10 years ago

    Love it, love it, love it! I’ve just recently discovered Zen Pencils & am so glad I did. Great artwork

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  11. Bizarre006
    716PMedGuy  about 10 years ago

    well said Carl

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  12. Imagesca66di1a
    Thehag  about 10 years ago

    Spread this over our ‘pale blue dot’ and hope it makes a difference….. Believe it will make a difference.

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  13. Puga
    blanche64  about 10 years ago

    very nice, but as a librarian it would have been nice to see a less stereotypical representation.

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  14. Missing large
    caseyman  about 10 years ago

    Can’t identify the young woman directly behind Shakespeare. I’d guess Emiy Dickinson but the hairstyle is wrong. Any one else care to guess?

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  15. Erroll for ror
    celeconecca  about 10 years ago

    Anne Frank.

    This is wonderful – again. I want this as a poster.

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  16. Missing large
    digitydigitydigity  about 10 years ago

    I was thinking Anne Frank was behind Shakespeare. The ones I can’t figure out are the people next to Elvis, Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee

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  17. Moe
    Tinozzi  about 10 years ago

    Inspirational. Thank you!

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  18. Missing large
    caseyman  about 10 years ago

    Thanks, folks, definitely Anne Frank

    Can’t say exactly which ones you mean but starting from the bottomCharlie ChaplinAmelia EarhartIsaac NewtonGandhiHelen KellerAung San Suu KyiJohn Kennedy Muhammedi Ali

    Does this help?

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  19. 000 0557
    Darwinskeeper  about 10 years ago

    I love the quote and the artwork.

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  20. Front sword at ready
    shamest Premium Member about 10 years ago

    always great thoughts

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  21. Baby angel with roses a
    Ushindi  about 10 years ago

    Makes me think of the view of the Earth and moon from Mars taken by Curiosity. Gave me a strange feeling to think there were billions of us all busy doing something at that moment on that little bright speck in the sky.

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  22. Missing large
    dankelly57  about 10 years ago

    It’s true that knowledge builds understanding and erodes fear.I thank you for encouraging the spread of knowledge.

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  23. Avatar hoover 2009 10 29
    Richard V Anderson  about 10 years ago

    Simply brilliant!

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  24. Snoopy
    Darryl Heine  about 10 years ago

    Ode to Carl Sagan…

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  25. My eye
    vldazzle  about 10 years ago

    Brought a tear to my eye. Bravo!

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  26. R.j.s
    Rocky Premium Member about 10 years ago

    Outstanding…And the artwork is such that I could identify almost every person in the fourth panel.Keep it up.

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  27. 130 charalphonse
    topbunk  about 10 years ago

    Mr. Sagan wrote a great book with this title.

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  28. 130 charalphonse
    topbunk  about 10 years ago


    This link will take you to a web site that will put this quote in perspective… no pun intended.

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  29. 20140226 222834
    scootergrrrl  about 10 years ago

    and the truth be said…….

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  30. Grupo bimbo logo
    popomatic  about 10 years ago

    That is a hell of a group of people. Excellent quote

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  31. Missing large
    ee1958  about 10 years ago

    Thanks so much for this. Perspective is always needed.

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  32. Riley the smiling dog 2
    YokohamaMama  about 10 years ago

    This is just beautiful.

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