Tom Toles for June 18, 2009

  1. Missing large
    cjkinsey  over 13 years ago

    satipera, ouch the truth hurts.

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  2. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  over 13 years ago

    With folks being in Gitmo without trial for seven years now, the point indeed may the the stick in our own eye?

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  3. Missing large
    mindyanddog  over 13 years ago

    One of the many sad things about Gitmo is that the detentions went on for years w/o public knowledge. Questions are: did the media know & if so why didn’t they report it? Rhetorical question: Did Bush and Cheney know? Sad statement: Bush and Cheney will never be brought up on violations of the Geneva Convention, nor any US laws that they broke. As Nixon said, “When the president does it, it isn’t illegal.”

    I protested in the late 60’s and into the 70’s. I had no idea things went even more deeply than we thought. It is difficult to bear the embarrassment of things our country have done, but we must stand and accept the criticisms…and FIX THINGS! We can’t presuppose changes in places like N. Korea while there is still filth on our hands.

    I have no clue how N. Korea and Iran can be encouraged to reach for peace with both hands and not do as we did, i.e., turn away from the Geneva Convention.

    The outcome of a kangaroo trial isn’t a Joey, nor justice…no matter what the country.

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  4. Missing large
    Tolestoy  over 13 years ago

    “US authorities ruled four years ago that they were not involved in extremism and had gone to Afghanistan to escape persecution in China.”

    Seems it just may be a tiny bit of abuse or mistreatment to be imprisoned for seven years for no reason, especially when for the vast majority of the time even their accusers knew they shouldn’t be there. I can’t imagine why they would look happy upon their long overdue release.

    If you want to go to Bermuda perhaps you should do absolutely nothing wrong and hope to get arrested for it.

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