Jul 18, 2014
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
lucky duck the poor little duck who's rich in luck
oop: i hate this baseball stadium!
hound: it's old! and tacky!
oop: and look! way out beyond center field! it's lucky ducky!
hound: that duck is poor! and in my stadium!
gate a
hound: mayor! build me a new stadium!
mayor: b-but we need the money for schools and buses...!
hound: a billion dollars! gimme!
hound: hollingsworth field! witha  seating capacity of ten very exclusive fans! ah, billionaires watching millionaires -- what baseball is all about! lucky ducky can't ruin the game for me now! wow! that's a long fly ball!
oop: it's out of the park! and headed for shantytown! oh no! not...
hound: a souvenir for lucky ducky!
ducky: gotcha...
the end
Jul 25, 2014
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