Oct 24, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug's Super-Fun-Pak Comix
Edited by Ruben Bolling
Twist-Ending Funnies
Doctor: You have six months to live!
Patient: I'd like a second opinion. 
Doctor: Okay. Life here on a moon of Saturn is pretty cool! 
Also: 20 feet tall !
How The World Ends
Man: Look, I created this animated football robot that can dance!
Man #2: Did you give it a soul? 
Man: A SOUL? Ha-ha, it's just a cute graphic for our football broadcasts!
Man #2: I guess you're right...
And thus it began...
The Epic/ Brutal Report
Boy #1: Hey, it's the dude who OWNS the Epic/ Brutal Report!
Boy #2: Epic! 
Man: We're canceling this comic because it's OUTDATED now. 
Boy #1: Brutal! 
Man: These younger guys are starting the CHILL/ SHADY REPORT!
Boy #3: Chill!
Boy #1: So we're out?!
Boy #4: Shady!
The lovely Jennifer Aniston evolved from lower, less famous forms of life!
Spinoff Comix
Man #1: Yow!
Man #2: Ha-ha! You're so funny, you should have your own comic! 
Flathead McBignose
Man: How was your day, Bonkster? 
Bonkster: Rough!
Bonkster The Smoking Dog
Bonkster: Here's my best friend, Phil Collins. 
Phil Collins
Phil Collins: I became housemother at a girls' boarding school. 
Practical Jokes!! 
Itching Powder! 
Your friends will squirm in discomfort as you chemically assault their epidermis! 
Pepper Chewing Gum! 
Watch the hilarity as your pals mistake your malevolence for generosity! 
Punch in the Mouth! 
Your buddies will laugh jovially as you unexpectedly strike their face with your closed fist! 
Yes!! Rush me these items!
Itching Powder $5
Pepper Gum $6 
Punch in Mouth $10 
Bag O' Weapons $975
Hold on. Did you just list a bag of actual weapons? That's got to be illegal and in no way a "joke" or "practical." And what on Earth do you mean by selling a "Punch in the Mouth"? I'm reporting this company right now. The cost of a phone call to the authorities is $0.10
Good Lord, what did you do to my beloved dog cat?! You monsters!! Okay, okay. What is it you want so that you'll go away and leave me alone? I won't say a word about this to anyone $2,999
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Oct 31, 2013
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